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MP Nato Chkheidze calls on the Minister of Education to study and solve the problems of the Institute of History

24 March, 2017 , 15:07

The deputy chairperson of the faction Patriots of Georgia, MP Nato Chkheidze has informed the colleagues about the concerns of the staff of the Georgian Institute of History. The member of the parliam...

PASHA Bank - Partner of International Business Forum in Batumi

28 April, 2017 , 13:15

On May 22-23rd International Business Forum takes place in Batumi. The event is organized by consultancy company “IBF” and supported by PASHA Bank. The main topic of discussion will be Lea...


Platform `New Georgia` will present plans to solve problems to Tbilisi City Hall next week

30 April, 2017 , 10:45

Civil Platform New Georgia presented an Interim Report on Tbilisi Development Strategy. They named more than 25 problems that the party plans to present to the Government next week. "There are already...

Manana Kobakhidze calls political speculation statements on constitutional majority threat

19 October, 2016 , 22:56

One of the leaders of the Georgian Dream Manana Kobakhidze believes that the country should not live by the Consitution fit for Saakashvili and explains that the new changesshould be aimed at keeping ...


Zaza Okuashvili testifies in court regarding the Iberia case

29 April, 2017 , 13:20

Zaza Okuashvili, founder of Omega Group and Iberia TV, testifies in court regarding the "Iberia Case" "It is necessary that both the investigation and accusations are directed at those who were at the...

Kutaisi 2021 - development strategy discussion continues

12 November, 2016 , 22:31

The development strategy of Kutaisi continues to be discussed . Kutaisi City Hall and the Media Club presented to the people employed in the sphere of tourism and infrastructure sectors the city`s med...


State Security Service denies relocation of occupation line at Khurcha

30 April, 2017 , 10:40

As the State Security Service reports ,the relocation of occupation line at Khurcha has not taken place and the poles have been placed on the occupation line. According to State Security, representati...

Donald Trump considers issuing new travel ban

13 February, 2017 , 10:34

Donald Trump is considering a new executive order to ban citizens of certain countries from travelling to the US after his initial attempt was overturned in the courts, - BBC reported.   Mr Trump...