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27 June, 2018 10:22

33 people in Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili list

Names of 33 people included in the so-called Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili list became known to First Channel. The list includes two persons Davit Ghurtsiyev and Alik Taboev charged for Archil Tatunashvili’s case and Rashid Kanjioghli, person charged for murder of Giga Otkhozoria.

The list also includes Slavik Badia, Raul Kortava, Zaur Chitanava, Tsibrona (Eka) Akhalaia, Otar Turnanba, Alika Tsabria, Ruslan Jopua, Roxa Mirtskhulava, Dimitr Arshba, Vladimer Gunia, Alkhaz Mirtskhulava, Gia Tuzhba, Genrikh Chanba, Vladimer Anua, Zaur Tsetskhladze, Genadi Ashkhatsava, Gela Vanacha, Otar Palavandzia, Oleg Papaskiri, African Bganba, Vakhtang Ubiria, Vladimer Nanach-Oghli, Shurik Kokoskeria, Lev Nichenov, Gia Tuaev, Fiso Vazagov, Tamaz Bestaev, Ramchik Pukhaev, Arkadi Dzeranov, Zurab Dudaev.

A total of 33 people have been included in so-called Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili list for the time being, those, who have committed different crimes against Georgian citizens across Georgia’s occupied territories since 1991 – Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze stated during the briefing held at Governmental Administration.

According to Bakhtadze, the list is not finalized since law-enforcers continue working in non-stop regime. PM said that the list will be presented at the nearest governmental sitting. Justice and Foreign Ministries will be in charge of enforcement of the so-called Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili list. (

H1N1 threat - occupation regime of Abkhazia restricts access to occupied territory

11 January, 2019 , 10:30

The occupation regime of Abkhazia will restrict access to the occupied territory, the reason is H1N1.  The so- called quarantine measures will be carried out at the occupation line by the State Security Service and

After three days of detention, occupants release kidnapped teenager

3 July, 2018 , 10:44

After three days of imprisonment, the teenager kidnapped from the conflict zone was handed over to the Georgian side. After the release, Tato Kharazishvili was taken to the Shida Kartli regional police department. The re

Two Georgian border guards still remain in the captivity of Russian militaries

29 June, 2018 , 10:51

Two Georgian border guards still remain in the captivity of Russian militaries. According to the family, Koba Macharashvili and Giorgi Kereselidze will be handed over today. Border policemen were detained by Russian

we will work intensively with partner countries to enact restrictions against persons who committed offenses - Davit Zalkaliani

29 June, 2018 , 10:40

According to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Davit Zalkaliani, meeting with the representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia serves for providing them with the information about the “Otkhozoria-

European Parliament to hold debates about Georgia’s occupied territories

12 June, 2018 , 12:16

The European Parliament will hold debates today – “Georgia’s Occupied Territories – Ten Years since Russia’s Invasion”, – according to the information published on the official w

First meeting of Abashidze-Karasin in Prague after murder of Archil Tutunashvili by the occupation regime

22 May, 2018 , 11:49

After the murder of Archil Tatunashvili by the occupation regime, the first meeting of Abashidze-Karasin is held in Prague. The Prime Minister"s Special Representative says that the main topic of the conversation with th

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