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29 June, 2018 10:47

Akaki Zoidze believes that pension age should be equalized in Georgia

Chairman of the Healthcare Committee of the Parliament Akaki Zoidze believes that pension age should be equalized in Georgia.

Talking to journalists Akaki Zoidze focused on the accumulation pension reform and noted that the pension age issue is not currently discussed; however it is a matter of the future.

“Most of countries are changing pension age. We have considered the issue however no decision was made. The pension age may be equalized; however no discussion with this regard has been started yet. The pension is preferred to be equal, determined not necessarily to 65; it can be equalized to 63 years. This is a topic of discussion and this is my opinion based on the world trends with regard to pension age”, – Zoidze said. (

If Zviad Pkhakadze is a man, let him publicize our communication - Zaza Saralidze

27 June, 2018 , 10:25

Zaza Saralidze, father of Davit Saralidze, teenager killed in Khorava Street murder case that claimed lives of two juveniles on December 1, 2017, confirms the information about his having sent messages to the case prosec

Record in US NDAA confirms the Georgia is at leading positions in the United States` political agenda - Davit Zalkaliani:

22 June, 2018 , 10:40

US National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) includes such kind a big record on Georgia for the first time, which is welcome, – Georgian Foreign Minister Davit Zalkaliani made the regarding statement. According to

Consultations ongoing on unification of ministries - Davit Sergeenko

19 June, 2018 , 12:53

Consultations on unification of ministries are still ongoing – Davit Sergeenko, Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs told journalists in the parliament. According to Sergeenko, it is the prerogative of Prim

Ivanishvili does not even know how to move the pawns and officers on chessboard - Ratiani speaks about the technical government

18 June, 2018 , 16:10

The Parliamentary Opposition responds to the decision of Mamuka Bakhtadze to approve the Technical Government. "European Georgia" claims that Ivanishvili has only selected chess figures, and does not know how to distribu

`I want Tsulukiani to stay` - Gia Gachechiladze

18 June, 2018 , 14:09

Consultations are underway at the office of "Georgian Dream". The party members discuss candidacies on positions of the cabinet members. Reportedly Mamuka Bakhtadze, the candidate for the position of the MP supports a sm

The regime recognized the regime and both of them are happy - Archil Talakvadze

30 May, 2018 , 10:25

The decision of Bashar al-Assad has no legitimacy and support from the Syrian people, – Archil Talakvadze, Leader of the parliamentary majority said while commenting on recognition of so-called independence of Geor

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