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3 May, 2021 15:33

Another capitulation before the occupant

According to Davit Katsarava, the leader of the "Anti-Occupation Movement", the occupants have appeared several times in the village of Khurvaleti, Gori district. This time there were Russian and Ossetian speakers dressed in civilian uniforms and crossed the territory controlled by Georgia by a Russian military vehicle. They made a riot, confronted the law enforcers, But Georgian police returned them instead of detaining them-Katsarava said.

Although crossing the occupation line was obvious, according to the Georgian Security Service, they did not cross the restricted zone. We reaffirm that the current government of Georgia pursues the interests of the occupant kremlin and the Georgian Security Service is more concerned with the security of the Russian military than with the release of Georgian prisoners who are in the city of Tskhinvali.

Unfortunately, Russia's non-irritating capitulation policy continues and acquires disgraceful and humiliating nature for the country.

Boris Bokhua

Occupation forces illegally arrest two Georgians

30 April, 2023 , 14:58

The Russian occupation forces on Sunday illegally arrested two Georgian citizens near Dvani village in the Kareli Municipality, the State Security Service of Georgia (SSG) has reported. The SSG said it had activated a ho

Pensioners residing across occupied Abkhazia to receive pension on central government controlled territory

12 February, 2021 , 14:46

Pensioners and persons will special needs residing across the occupied Abkhazia region will be able to receive their pension or social aid on the territory controlled by the Georgian central government from today.  

Occupied Abkhazia rejects central government assistance in containment of fire

8 January, 2021 , 17:52

There is no need for help from Georgia, said Sergey Shamba, the de-facto Abkhazian Security Council Secretary, in a phone interview with the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB).   According to Shamba, Abkhazian instit

Fire looms residential houses in occupied Gagra

8 January, 2021 , 13:11

The large-scale fire looms the residential houses in the Gagra district of occupied Abkhazia in Georgia.   The occupation regime reported seats of fire 150 meters away from the settlement. Evacuation from Gagra may

So-called elections represent attempt by Russia and its occupation regime in Tskhinvali to legitimize the ethnic cleansing of Georgians - MFA

10 June, 2019 , 11:01

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia responds to the so-called parliamentary election being conducted occupied Tskhinvali region which grossly violates the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia

H1N1 threat - occupation regime of Abkhazia restricts access to occupied territory

11 January, 2019 , 10:30

The occupation regime of Abkhazia will restrict access to the occupied territory, the reason is H1N1.  The so- called quarantine measures will be carried out at the occupation line by the State Security Service and

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