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25 October, 2021 16:04

repression before the elections

After the arrest of President Mikheil Saakashvili, this time on October 21, police officers, who worked during Saakashvili's period were arrested in western Georgia. The house of Ruslan Shomakhia, former head of the Sokhumi Security Service, was searched. Former police chief of Sokhumi - Lekso Rafava was arrested; a hand grenade and an automatic weapon were “found” at his home. Former police officer Marlen Khvitia was also arrested.

These police officers actively prevented the government from conducting the elections in the Samegrelo region, consequently,„Georgian Dream“- the ruling party - got rid of them. According to the family members of the detainees, ammunition was placed under the bed mattress in their bedroom.

Political terror continues to rig elections.

Boris Bokhua

The Government turned Georgia into a training ground for Russian spies

17 January, 2022 , 16:27

In the last period, the massive outflow of professional and experienced Georgian soldiers from the country has become systematic. One of them is former military serviceman Mr. Davit Kvezereli. According to Kvezereli, the

Process of Russification of Georgia continues

7 December, 2021 , 16:47

The pro-Russian and anti-Georgian policies of the ruling party - “Georgian Dream”- is gaining new scale.According to the directive of the Ministry of Education, the Georgian side is accused in the August 2008

“Georgian Dream” is a local affiliate of the Occupant Russian Government

4 September, 2021 , 11:15

One more example of the Georgian government cooperation with the Russian government, is that military intelligence officers can come to Georgia without any problems. Last year Kiril Krivko a member of Russia’s mili

Parliament’s decision to approve six Supreme Court judicial nominations is extremely disappointing - US Embassy

15 July, 2021 , 18:54

The US Embassy to Georgia has issued a statement expressing concern over the appointment of six judges to the Supreme Court. “Parliament’s July 12 decision to approve six Supreme Court judicial nominations, d

Ivanishvili recollects his entry into politics

13 January, 2021 , 17:29

The founder of the ruling Georgian Dream party, Bidzina Ivanishvili, recollected his entry into politics in 2012. “When I entered politics, people were intimidated, could not dare to protest,” the outgoing GD

US institutions have proven their strength, resilience in the face of violence – Salome Zourabichvili

8 January, 2021 , 13:19

The President of Georgia responds to the developments in the United States in the social network. “For 30 years, the US has supported Georgia’s path toward liberty and democracy. We’ve looked to the US

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