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14 March, 2018 10:28

`Any reference to direct dialogue with the occupant country is against Georgia`s interests` - Nino Goguadze assesses PM`s statement

"I would like to have great hope that the Georgian government does not use this fact and does not start openly pro-Russian politics," - said one of the leaders of the Free Democrats Nino Goguadze, speaking about the statement of the Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili sent to the Russian Federation.

According to Goguadze, any reference to the direct dialogue with the occupant state is a fight against Georgia"s state interests. (

How many ministries will remain in Georgian government is still unknown

22 June, 2018 , 10:37

The final decision on the number of ministries in a renewed structure of the Georgian government has not been yet made, –  Akaki Zoidze, Chairman of the Parliamentary Healthcare Committee said after

Female politicians are easily subjected to attack - Eka Beselia

21 June, 2018 , 14:16

Female politicians are easily subjected to attack than males even in case of having serious arguments – Eka Beselia, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Law Affairs Committee said. Beselia made this statement in respo

Prime Minister to present renewed Cabinet and new structure within 3 weeks

21 June, 2018 , 14:12

Consultations on structural changes in the Georgian government will begin today – The Minister of Justice Tea Tsulukiani said about it. Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze will present the renewed Cabinet and new struc

Foreign Ministry released statement on 44th round of Geneva International Negotiations

21 June, 2018 , 14:11

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the 44th round of internationally mediated Geneva Negotiations, the issues regarding the execution of justice on the murder of Archil Tatunashvili and fulfilment of a

Reforms should serve creation of worthy life conditions - Mamuka Bakhtadze

20 June, 2018 , 13:56

Reforms should serve the main objective – creation of worthy life conditions for a person – Mamuka Bakhtadze, candidate for post of Prime Minister stated during his speech at an extraordinary sitting of the p

Georgia has communication with European Partners to react on so-called Tatunashvili-Otkhozoria list - Davit Zalkaliani

19 June, 2018 , 15:09

The Georgian government will present the so-called Tatunashvili-Otkhozoria list as soon as it is ready — Davit Zalkaliani, candidate for post of Foreign Affairs Minister stated during the expanded sitting of the pa

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