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12 June, 2018 16:06

“BRIDGE OF COOPERATION” - Unique Armenian-Georgian business event

Unique Armenian-Georgian business event called "Bridge of Cooperation" was held on June 8, 2018 in Tbilisi, at the King Giorgi & King Mirian hall of Tbilisi Marriott Hotel.

The event has been initiated by the analytical laboratory "FDA Laboratory" LLC together with "Certification and Quality" LLC, "Tonus-Les" LLC and "Tonus-Lesia Georgia" LLC.

The aim of the event was the renovation and development of business relations between Armenia and Georgia, especially in the field of the services that are in high demand in Georgia today, particularly, in the pharmaceutical field and laboratory services.

Famous Georgian pharmaceutical companies were invited to the business event, including GEPHA Ltd, GMP Ltd, PSP Ltd, AVERSI Ltd, AVERSI Rational Ltd, Quality Lab Ltd, GEA Ltd, Neo Pharm Ltd, Bio Pharm Ltd, Global Test Ltd, Turmaznidze Ltd, Sakhalkho Ltd, Molisani Ltd, IMPLEX Ltd, TSSU, as well as the representatives of American Clinic, MERCK Ltd and representatives of the Ministry of Health of Georgia.

Within the presentation of "SERVICES FOR OUR GEORGIAN PARTNERS", the analytical laboratory "FDA Laboratory" LLC offered the services of its laboratories that carry out the analysis of the drugs quality and bioequivalence, as well the microbiological studies. In addition, the attendees were introduced with services for the provision of the State Registration Certificate.

Presented services piqued keen interest and widely received by Georgian partners, since the analytical laboratory "FDA Laboratory" LLC is a resident of the EAEU member-country and is authorized to provide a Certificate of State Registration, thus ensuring Eurasian Economic Union market entry for Georgian partners (markets of Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan).

"Certification and Quality" LLC presented the scope and services for EAC declarations and certificates provision, and "Tonus-Les" LLC presented the services of a contract-research organization (CRO).

It is particularly auspicious that in order to take advantage of the services presented at the business event, there is no need to come to Armenia, as Tonus-Les Georgia LLC, which is the “Bridge of Cooperation”, is located in Georgia.

The organizers of the event attach great importance to all prospects of developing close business relations between Armenia and Georgia, which not only take into account the needs of private businesses, but can become a new stimulus for both countries aimed at the development of the economic relations, especially taking into account the fact that Armenia can open the market of the EAEU for Georgia.

`Omega` paid 6 million to the state budget in November-December 2018

10 January, 2019 , 15:34

"Omega" paid 6 million to the state budget in November-December 2018 - January 1, 2019 inclusive, - stated the management of Omega Group. Besides, the senior manager of Omega Levan Aghdgomelashvili told "Newpost" that st

Omega Group resumed its work - Company received excise stamps

4 January, 2019 , 10:32

"Omega Group" spreads the statement on its Facebook page, according to which, the cigarette factory received excise stamps and resumed its work. "medianews" offers you the statement of “Omega Group”: "The com

The Prize Received by “Silkenet” for Founding the “Wounded Warrior Support Foundation” is Very Important for More Support and Popularization of This Initiative

27 December, 2018 , 16:54

The Georgian publishing of the World’s leading business edition Forbes Georgia named „Silknet” the winner of the year in CSR nomination.   At the year-end summarizing gala reception held by Forbes,

Construction of Golf Pitch in final stage

11 December, 2018 , 15:48

Construction of a Golf Pitch at Tabori Slope in Tbilisi is in the final stage. Works, launched at the initiative of Tourism Development Fund for the arrangement of a recreational zone, continue. According to Co-Investmen

PASHA Bank – Platinum Sponsor of ICC Banking Commission Technical Meeting

19 October, 2018 , 10:59

On October 15th -17th, 2018 in Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel ICC hosted the Banking Commission Technical Meeting. The event had several sponsors and supporters with PASHA Bank being the platinum sponsor of it.   The pro


13 October, 2018 , 15:20

From 18 to 21 October 2018, a business mission of representatives of export-oriented small and medium-sized businesses of the Bryansk region will be held in Georgia (Tbilisi) within the framework of State support provide

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