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17 June, 2017 13:31

Dimitri Kitoshvili says the plan of Iberia TV license seizure had been worked out by Adeishvili

The Tbilisi City Court continues to consider the case on forceful seizure of Iberia TV broadcasting license.

Yet another witness of the prosecution, Dimitri Kitoshvili, who chaired the National Communications Regulatory Commission then, was interrogated at the last hearing at the Tbilisi City Court. The witness said the specific plan for seizing the broadcasting license of Iberia TV had been worked out by the former prosecutor general, Zurab Adeishvili.

As Kitoshvili told the court, in 2004 Adeishvili assigned him to organize the transfer of the Iberia TV onto a reliable person for him and so he did – the first person, to whom the license was transferred, was his friend Davit Kakauridze and in 2006 – it was Bidzina Nizharadze.

Witness Kitoshvili said the third person, to whom the license was finally transferred in possession was Soso Mgeladze and it happened in 2007.

“Witness Kitoshvili has clearly and directly confirmed at today’s hearing that the plan of transfer of Iberia TV ownership had been masterminded by Zurab Adeishvili and he was just fulfilling the instructions,” – prosecutor of the case Irakli Nadareishvili told reporters after the hearing.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia launched the investigation of the case of pressure against Omega Group in 2013, however, the case of Iberia TV closure and the forceful seizure of its broadcasting license, the investigation of which lasted three years, was separated as an independent case and former prosecutor general, Zurab adeishvili and his deputy Giorgi Latsabidze were prosecuted for the crime. Many witnesses have been interrogated through this period, including the founders of Omega Group and Iberia TV, who have given testimonies to the investigation. The case of Iberia TV was transferred to the court for consideration in summer 2016, while the case of Omega Group is still being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The broadcasting license was returned to Iberia TV in a modified format – specialized/entertainment. The television reemerged on screens with a general broadcasting last year.

The next hearing on the case of Iberia closure and seizure of its broadcasting license will be held on July 6th, 2017.

Mirza Subeliani is still being questioned

9 June, 2018 , 13:57

According to Courieri, Mirza Subeliani is still being questioned on the murder of juveniles in Khorava Street. Mirza Subeliani, a former employee of the Prosecutor"s Office, has arrived at the MIA for the third time. At

Otar Kakhidze demands detention of Mirza Subeliani in connection with Khorava street murder case

9 June, 2018 , 13:52

The member of the European Georgia and the secretary of the temporary investigative commission Otar Kakhidze demands detention of Mirza Subeliani. Otar Kakhidze addressed the government at the special briefing. One of th

MIA launched investigation into case of verbal clash among school students

9 June, 2018 , 13:10

Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) opened investigation into case of June 8 verbal clash among school students of Tbilisi #51 Public School. The conflict began in social network Facebook. According to MIA, the school stu

Interim Investigation Commission given consent to be introduced with case materials

9 June, 2018 , 10:44

The Interim Investigation Commission into murder case of Khorava Street, a bloody conflict among teenagers on December 1, 2017 that claimed lives of two juveniles, has been given the consent to be introduced with the cas

`My husband told me she was in blood puddle` -condition of a young woman wounded in Batumi is bad

28 May, 2018 , 10:26

The health condition of 33-year-old woman wounded in a lift in one of the residential buildings in Batumi is still hard. She has been undgone urgent surgery. Izolda Abashidze was woundedwith a cold weapon in the head, ab

True evidence of Russia’s crime in August War comes from Vladimir Putin - Ben Emmerson

24 May, 2018 , 10:27

Russia did not prevent ethnic cleansing of Georgians and even participated in the process – Ben Emmerson, Georgia’s British lawyer stated during the final oral hearing into case Georgia vs. Russia at Strasbou

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