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30 August, 2021 13:43

Geo Oku’s Progress: The Making of a Modern Superstar

To long for success is one thing and to put in all that you’ve got in order to achieve it is another. The road to becoming a superstar is not a glamorous one, as opposed to popular opinion. It is rather a rocky road, where most of us give up after several bumps, but it is people like Geo Oku, who, despite all the troubles, stick to the course and make it till the end. Who is Geo Oku? Well, this hip-hop artist hailing from Georgia, Tbilisi, is a 21-year-old regular kid, who made it. You know, who is a result of utmost diligence and hard work. He is an up-and-coming modern superstar who is all set to disrupt the world with his eccentric talent.

Geo Oku was born and brought up in Georgia, Tbilisi to a renowned businessman and a mother who is a member of the parliament of Georgia. Even after getting such a stable environment, Oku never really considered taking advantage of it, but since the very beginning was inclined towards making a name for himself, doing what he desires, and pursuing his dream. While growing up, Oku was highly influenced by the industry giants – Eminem and 50 Cent, who inspired him to be true to himself and incorporate it into his work. It is true what they say about achieving success, a person can only reach the zenith only if he/she decides to show the true parts, the roots that define them, and well of course leveraging each bit of the skills they have to offer. And this is what Geo Oku did!

Oku started his career when he was still in college. Initially, he embarked on his musical journey along with his friends and launched the debut song Trouble Makers. The making of this song was what he calls an experience of a lifetime, which genuinely shaped his career. Having learned the ropes of composing a song at an early age, Oku developed an upper hand in the industry. Ever since then, Oku has been dedicated to taking as many experiences as he can and hone his skills not only as an artist but also as a person. In 2019, he shot his first music video in Amsterdam, after acquiring substantial experience, which even received much acclaim.

The artist has indeed turned a lot of heads with his performance into this huge and ever-growing musical industry. He has definitely created a space for himself in this cut-throat world and that too by exposing his sheer talent! It’s kind of riveting that his immense fame stemmed from a childhood dream of being a singer. Some of Oku’s songs that have taken the industry by storm are Own That, Take A Trip, Lifestyle, and PayDay to name a few. Apart from his bright future as a hip-hop artist, this modern superstar is also set to create a name for himself as an entrepreneur. His firm G.Squad Productions is not your regular music production house, it is a culmination of Oku’s will to support people who wish to achieve greater heights and uplift the hip-hop culture as a whole. This venture by Oku is designed to revolutionize the music industry by bringing in new talents from across the world and helping them gain the deserved recognition, for many hip-hop artists go unnoticed in today’s age.

Being a superstar is not always fame and glory, it is who a person is inside out. It is a concept that is far beyond its literal means. It signifies one’s true desires and the will to achieve them at any cost. It demonstrates how much a person is willing to do to reach the point. And most importantly it brings out the talent of an individual for the world to see and cherish. Geo Oku is precisely a reflection of all these things, a true modern superstar who is destined to take on the world.

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