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4 September, 2021 11:15

“Georgian Dream” is a local affiliate of the Occupant Russian Government

One more example of the Georgian government cooperation with the Russian government, is that military intelligence officers can come to Georgia without any problems. Last year Kiril Krivko a member of Russia’s military criminal grouping “Wagner” visited Georgia.

Despite the fact that, this Russia’s military intelligence officer fought on the side of the separatists at the teritory of Donbas in Ukraine and he is wanted by Ukrainians managed to enter Georgia without any problems. At present he is running a business in Georgia and it is obvious that the Security Services of the country are supporting him to settle down here. Russia’s intelligence officers gather information about the people of their interest, who are wanted by Putin’s government and who found shelter in Georgia. Such killers can perform any filthy task. Government of “Georgian Dream” allows such killers enter the country what proves the fact that Georgian government is a local affiliate of the occupant Russia.

Boris Bokhua

Legal Process on President`s Rights Becomes Part of Political Process That Hurts Georgia - Young Barristers

17 March, 2022 , 22:35

Meetings of the President of Georgia with the leaders of European countries and officials of the European Union cannot be considered a violation of the Constitution of Georgia.The institution of the President is a consti

The evidence of war crimes in Georgia will also help in the adoption of the Hague Court against Russia`s political and military leaders in Georgia

7 March, 2022 , 16:37

Russian-Ukraine, as well as the Russian-Georgian 2008 military acts, clear facts of the war crime from Russia, which are sufficient evidence for the Hague International Court of Justice (ICC) to carry out active actions

Russian occupation through Russian visitors and with the support of the government

7 March, 2022 , 15:55

For several days now, Russian citizens have been entering Georgia en masse, subjected to great discomfort after the devastating sanctions in Russia. The country's airports are operating in an enhanced mode. Despite the d

Georgia has become a satellite country of Russia – the government sells the interests of its own country everyday

14 February, 2022 , 18:51

Amid the fierce confrontation between Ukraine and Russia, the West is surprised by the dubious silence of the Georgian government, which is perceived as supporting Russia. Georgian pro-Russian authorities did not arrive

The Government turned Georgia into a training ground for Russian spies

17 January, 2022 , 16:27

In the last period, the massive outflow of professional and experienced Georgian soldiers from the country has become systematic. One of them is former military serviceman Mr. Davit Kvezereli. According to Kvezereli, the

Process of Russification of Georgia continues

7 December, 2021 , 16:47

The pro-Russian and anti-Georgian policies of the ruling party - “Georgian Dream”- is gaining new scale.According to the directive of the Ministry of Education, the Georgian side is accused in the August 2008

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