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14 March, 2018 10:30

He was asked to admit that the state coup was prepared, in which Saakashvili was participating - Nika Gvaramia

Dean Giorgi Mamaladze was requested to name Bishop Dimitri and his son-in-law Soso Okhanashvili as co-participants.

Nika Gvaramia stated about it in the program The Choice He visited father Giorgi Mamaladze in the first half of the day in the "Matrosov" prison.

According to Nika Gvaramia, Mamaladze was also asked to admit that the state coup was prepared, in which Saakashvili was also involved.

"He asked for two things. First of all, he should have named as the accomplice father Dimitri and his son-in-law Soso Okhanashvili. And secondly, he should have said that it was a state coup attempt. In the coup they would get rid of the Patriarch, and the group would come to the head of the church, which was necessary. And , a political component, it"s a notorious topic in this country, a bigger case was launched, it would be Mikheil Saakashvili, "said Nika Gvaramia.

According to Nika Gvaramia, Rustavi2 will have been a participant in this direction. In addition, Father George was asked to say that he had to arrive in Germany to meet with Mikheil Saakashvili and have negotiations. (

Archil Tatunashvili’s body transferred home

21 March, 2018 , 12:06

The dead body of Archil Tatunashvili, Georgian citizen who died in occupied Tskhinvali region, has been transferred to home village Tsilkani from Levan Samkharauli National Forensic Bureau. Family relatives, friends, ord

Dimitri Kumsishvili – We invited tourists injured in Gudauri to arrive next year

17 March, 2018 , 14:21

“We invited the tourists, who were injured as a result of ropeway crash in Gudauri ski resort, to arrive in Georgia next year and they agreed,” Dimitri Kumsishvili, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Develop

Four tourists injured in Gudauri to be discharged

17 March, 2018 , 14:16

Four tourists, who were injured as a result of ropeway crash in Gudauri ski resort, will be discharged from hospital today or tomorrow – Nikoloz Kartsivadze, doctor of Ghudushauri Clinic said. Five patients are und

Foreign experts together with Georgian law enforcers to identify the reasons for the crash l of the rope road in Gudauri

17 March, 2018 , 11:13

Accidents in Gudauri - together with Georgian law enforcers, foreign experts will be involved in examination of Gudauri accident. The ropeway and its two stations are now sealed. Dimitri Kumsishvili, Minister of Economy,

Vasil Maghlaperidze – Zaza Shatirishvili will be worthy candidate of Board of Trustees

14 March, 2018 , 10:24

Vasil Maghlaperidze, General Director of First Channel believes that Zaza Shatirishvili will be a worthy candidate of GPB Board of Trustees. He said that Shatirishvili was his friend but this did not serve as the ground

Tbilisi City Hall terminates contract with C.T. Park

13 March, 2018 , 12:21

Tbilisi City Hall will terminate contract with C.T. Park Company starting April 10 – Kakha Kaladze, Tbilisi Mayor stated during the briefing. Kaladze named irresponsibility and inadequate fulfillment of public duti

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