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2 August, 2018 13:50

If I knew that Iberia TV’s broadcasting license had been forcefully seized, I definitely would not take part in that scheme – Grigol Giorgadze

The hearing on the case of forceful seizure of Iberia TV broadcasting license was resumed with the examination of the evidence presented by the defense.

Grigol Giorgadze, the witness of the defense, was interrogated at today’s hearing. Giorgadze currently occupies the position of the deputy minister of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia.

The witness said that in 2012, when Georgian Media Production Group holding signed the agreement on the purchase of 100% shares of Aisi TV Company, he was the head of the Legal Issues Department of TV Company Imedi, which was the part of that holding then.

According to Giorgadze, the head of the Georgian Media Production Group, Giorgi Arveladze assigned him, due to his position, to prepare the document for that deal, adding it was one of those numerous agreements, entered into by Imedi TV Company then.

Giorgadze said, as the chief of the department, he studied the information about Ioseb Mgeladze, the owner of Aisi TV and also the reference issued by the National Communications Regulatory Commission, confirming his ownership.

When asked if he knew that during that transaction, the license of Aisi TV was actually the license of Iberia TV Company, the witness said “no”.

He recollected that on the 21st of February, 2012, when the deal was legally confirmed at the notary office, he did not know that the license of Aisi TV, which was to be purchased by Imedi TV, had belonged to Iberia TV and was forcefully seized.

The witness said that today he is sure that Iberia TV was really deprived off its license, adding he would not take part in that transaction if he had been aware of the fact. As for the riot police raid in the Omega Group companies, the witness said he then studied in the United States and was not informed regarding those developments around Iberia TV.

“As I learnt afterwards, the license of Aisi TV had been deprived off the Iberia TV. I would not sign similar agreement today. If I knew that this license was seized, I would not make it. I would not take part in that deal principally”, - the witness said.

The next hearing on the case of Iberia TV license seizure will be held on the 12th of September, 2018, at 10:00. The hearing will be resumed with the examination of the evidence presented by the defense. One of the witnesses to be interrogated at the next hearing is Kibar Khalvashi.

It is noteworthy that the prosecution investigated the case of Iberia TV closure and seizure of its broadcasting license in February, 2016. According to the office, former prosecutor general Zurab Adeishvili and his deputy, Giorgi Latsabidze have been prosecuted for the crime.

Ministry of Internal Affairs detained 1 person in Gori for violence and threatening

8 September, 2018 , 14:37

The officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a result of operative-investigative activities, arrested G.I. in Gori on charges of violence and threatening. The MIA spreads information about the crime, which states

Nino Gvenetadze resigns from the post

2 August, 2018 , 13:56

Nino Gvenetadze resigns from the post of the Chairperson of the Supreme Court and the High Council of Justice. The press service has released this information. She named her health condition and the need for several-mont

President pardons 83 inmates

2 August, 2018 , 13:54

Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili pardoned 83 prisoners – Zviad Koridze, Chairman of State Pardoning Commission stated. During a press conference Koridze reported that the 40 inmates will have left penitenti

Constitutional Court abolished all sanctions against Marijuana consumption

31 July, 2018 , 10:19

Constitutional Court of Georgia satisfied the complaint of “Girchi” Party members Zurab Japaridze and Vakhtang Megrelishvili and declared all sanctions against consumption of Marijuana without medical pr

Investigation had a full combination of evidence against M.K. - Otar Kakhidze

24 July, 2018 , 10:48

Otar Kakhidze, the member of the Parliament’s Fact-finding Commission on Khorava Street murder case believes that investigation had a full combination of evidence for bringing charges against M.K. for being co-part

Court acquitted four political prisoners

24 July, 2018 , 10:34

As a result of motions filed by Prosecutor’s Office requesting to review the judgements of convictions, the court  has announced not guilty verdicts into four different cases of political prisoners: Beka

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