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13 March, 2018 17:04

Irakli Kobakhidze – Russia not responding to our pragmatic attitude with same position

“Russia not responding to our pragmatic attitude with the same position and the latest statement of Russian Foreign Ministry is the confirmation of that,” Irakli Kobakhidze, Chairman of Parliament stated.

Kobakhidze said that it was necessary to find the ways for resolution of the problem. “We are doing our best to resolve Georgian-Russian conflict through peaceful means. This has been our pragmatic attitude since 2012. But Russia should also portray constructive approach,” Kobakhidze said.

According to the statement, posted on Russian foreign Ministry’s official website, Moscow is pleased with the desire of deepening the process of normalization of bilateral relations. “Nobody should have doubts that Russia is interested in improving relations with neighboring Georgia and is ready to go as far as Tbilisi is ready for it,“ read the statement. (

Russia is still trying to undermine our peaceful initiatives - Mamuka Bakhtadze

20 September, 2018 , 15:11

Russia is still trying to undermine our peaceful initiatives, – Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze said in an interview with Fox News. According to him, Russia occupied 20% of the Georgian territory and it

Irakli Kobakhidze not rules out withdrawal of bill on marijuana cultivation

20 September, 2018 , 15:07

Irakli Kobakhidze, the Speaker of the Parliament does not rule out withdrawal of bill on marijuana cultivation from parliament. The Parliament Speaker released a statement in that regard. As Irakli Kobakhidze notes,

Government Pressure on Free Media and Free Business

12 September, 2018 , 14:42

Government Pressure on Free Media and Free Business

“Why is a sensitive issue, he is not my girlfriend,` - Margvelashvili responds to question about Ivanishvili

12 September, 2018 , 13:32

Analysts, politicians and journalists gathered at Tbilisi International Conference today. The President of Georgia opened the event. Giorgi Margvelashvili spoke about the ruling team"s refusal to nominate the president.

Georgia remains in center of attention of world and west - Archil Talakvadze

11 September, 2018 , 11:41

“Georgia remains in the center of attention of the world and the west. Tbilisi International Conference, attended by high-ranking politicians and officials, is the confirmation of this,” Archil Talakvadze, Le

Deadline for presentation of presidential candidates at CEC expires on September 8

8 September, 2018 , 14:35

The initiative groups and political parties willing to present their presidential candidates for 2018 presidential polls will have applied to the Central Election Commission (CEC) by 18:00 today. They will also have to c

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