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12 November, 2016 22:31

Kutaisi 2021 - development strategy discussion continues

The development strategy of Kutaisi continues to be discussed . Kutaisi City Hall and the Media Club presented to the people employed in the sphere of tourism and infrastructure sectors the city`s medium-term development strategy - "Kutaisi-2021"

"Kutaisi 2021" comprises seven strategic goals and ten programs . Both local authorities and members of the club say the first priority of the program is the development of Kutaisi, as a tourist attraction.

Batumi International Airport in ACI Europe Top Five

10 November, 2016 , 14:00

During the month of September 2016, the passenger traffic at Batumi International Airport operated by TAV Georgia, has increased by 52.5% compared with the figures from September 2015. According to passenger traffic for

Nugzar Suramnidze may become Chairman of Adjara Supreme Council

31 October, 2016 , 22:55

Nugzar Suramnidze might become a Chairman of Adjara Supreme Council. The results of the election in Adjara have been counted. GD has a constitutional majority in the Supreme Council. The ruling party has 14 seats out of

Davit Tarkhan-Mouravi rejects his MP mandate at Adjara Supreme Council

21 October, 2016 , 17:00

One of the leaders of the political party, Alliance of Patriots of Georgia, Davit Tarkhan-Mouravi refuses to serve his term as the member of the Supreme Council of the Adjara Autonomous Republic of Georgia – the le

Individual re-metering and network rehablitation of Terjola region completed

14 July, 2016 , 14:10

JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia completed individual re-metering and network rehabilitation of Terjola region. The process has been completed by the installation of the last meter in the village Broliskedi. Only in Terjola, compa