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25 August, 2017 11:59

Latest data from Borjomi Gorge - there is no danger of spreading fire further

A five-day activity in attempt to localize the fire in Borjomi Gorge is supposedly at its final stage.

Compared to the previous days, the situation is relatively stable. According to the latest data, there is no danger of spreading the fire further.

Almost every flame is localized by special ditches, except the places where wind flared the flames. Daba village still remains one of the problematic sites.

About 1 800 rescuers, heavy vehicles and helicopters are working in Borjomi Gorge in attempt to localize the raging fire.

According to latest data, flames have already destroyed about 100 hectares of territory. The emergency headquarter supposes to complete anti-fire works for tomorrow.-announces

Disaster in the Borjomi Gorge - emergency headquarters reports.that the main sites are surrounded by trenches

25 August, 2017 , 11:56

The situation in different regions of the disaster was discussed by the members of the Cabinet of Ministers at the emergency headquarters`s meeting at the end of the day. The meeting was led by the Prime Minister of Geor

Sixth day of natural disaster - military engaged in fire-fighting

25 August, 2017 , 11:51

In Borjomi, on the sixth day of the disaster, military get engaged in fire-fighting activities. Thousands of soldiers of the East Command appeared at the village of Daba at 06:00. The aviation continued to work from the

President arrives in Borjomi Gorge

24 August, 2017 , 11:48

Georgia’s President Giorgi Margvelashvili arrived in Borjomi Gorge where forest fire is raging.  President obtained the latest information about fire localization ongoing works at emergency headquarters establ

Wind speed intensifies, fire still breaks out at burnt slopes near Daba village

24 August, 2017 , 11:47

The wind speed intensifies in Borjomi Gorge. Fire has again broken out at the burnt slopes near Daba village of Borjomi Gorge. The wind flared the flames, as reported by Emergency Situations Department. Helicopters will

Dense smoke above Tsagveri

24 August, 2017 , 11:45

There is dense smoke above Tsagveri resort of Borjomi Gorge. Emergency headquarters continues working in special regime. Seventy-six hours passed after break out of the wildfire in Borjomi Gorge.  The aviation is mo

Last night, another 6 youngsters transferred from GEM Fest to Zugdidi hospital

5 August, 2017 , 16:35

Last night another six young people participating in the GEM Fest were transferred to Zugdidi referral hospital. Four of them were on controlled breathing for the whole night. According to doctors, their condition is sat

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