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23 April, 2019 20:00

Manager of the Omega Group: They are trying to take down the company by Ivanishvili’s command

“You have a command from Bidzina Ivanishvili to take down Omega Group”, - declared Levan Aghdgomelashvili - manager of the Omega group – during the parliamentary session of financial-budgetary committee; which was attended by the minister of finance – Ivane Machavariani – summoned by “European Georgia”.

According to Levan Aghdgomelashvili, on March 5th the representatives of the Omega Group made an offer to the revenue service of the ministry of finance, that company would entirely pay the dues, as well as the penalty, based on a given schedule. However, according to Aghdgomelashvili, Omega’s offer was declined.

Besides the bitter questions from the deputies, minister of finance also had to answer questions from the representatives of the Omega Group.

Aghdgomelashvili asked the minister, if Bidzina Ivanishvili’s commands were the reasons why ministry of finance follows a destructive agenda against the company.

“When you had Ivanishvili’s command to take down Omega Group, you agreed to reduce the penalty. We even offered the penalty payment on march 5th, but your answer was negative. I want to know why? Specify the law, the article, according to which you and revenue service won’t give the company an excise brand”.

“Even though budget would not receive the money entirely, just on the first stage it costed the budget half a million and upcoming case discussion at the International Arbitration of Stockholm will cost tens of millions more, you still chose this destructive way and you won’t accept the offer, that Omega made, specifically on march 5th, even though we made this offer afterwards as well.

There is something else I would like to know, I understand that you are put in a difficult situation: if there was not a commend to keep destroying omega group, and you know exactly where this command is coming from – from Bidzina Ivanishvili - would you still chose this destructive way or not?” – Aghdgomelashvili asked the minister.

According to the minister, Omega Group hasn’t paid the dues in 3 years. And in the report of March 5th that Aghdgomelashvili mentioned, it is implied to have the debt frozen for 3 years and then be paid gradually.

“It says here what was received on March 5th – the deadline of the debt payment. For three years, the debt would be frozen, and after that, for another 7 years, 2 million would be paid in every 3 months. When they get such offer declined, they say they were going to pay the debt entirely. They aren’t paying a thing for 3 years. Have you ever seen a payment contract like this,”-answered Matchavariani.

He adds, “the government and every involved department has never been as fair to anyone else, as they were to Omega.”

“Speaking of law, nobody has lost any court case in Stockholm. As far as I know, they only terminated a single specific decision, “– declared minister.

PASHA Bank Sponsored TMG 2019 – Telecom Meetings in Georgia

12 April, 2019 , 13:41

On April 10-11, TMG 2019 - Telecom Meetings in Georgia was held. PASHA Bank has sponsored the event for the third time, which emphasizes its good will to support local business and economic development of the country. PA

PASHA Bank Sponsors TMG 2019 – Telecom Meetings in Georgia

3 April, 2019 , 16:20

On April 10-11, TMG 2019 - Telecom Meetings in Georgia will be held. PASHA Bank will be sponsoring the event for the third time, which emphasizes its good will to support local business and economic development of the co

Intelligence Specialist of Israel will hold workshop concerning artificial intelligence in Tbilisi

29 March, 2019 , 17:55

Spark will host the workshop on artificial intelligence of the company “Olmait” (at N 164 Tsotne Dadiani street) on March, 30.  Olmait ( is Georgia-Israel technology initiative, the goal of whi

Silknet raises $200 million in Eurobond issue

27 March, 2019 , 17:39

27 March 2019 - JSC Silknet (“Silknet”), one of Georgia’s leading telecommunications operators, has successfully priced a debut $200 million 5-year 11% senior unsecured bonds issue (the “Notes&rdq

Another Georgian business speaks up - `Georgia Airways` asking for help

21 March, 2019 , 10:57

The Georgian air company “Georgian Airways” demands help. The company releases a special statement, where it says that the managing company of Tbilisi airport does not allow them to carry out flights and requ

`I and my business were threatened with destruction ... We`re not going to stop` - American businessman

20 March, 2019 , 12:16

Courier contacted American businessman Edward Char, who spoke in the New Europe article about problems that his company Iconia Capital faced in Georgia. Eduard Chari says in an interview with Rustavi2 that he is not goin

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