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19 October, 2016 22:56

Manana Kobakhidze calls political speculation statements on constitutional majority threat

One of the leaders of the Georgian Dream Manana Kobakhidze believes that the country should not live by the Consitution fit for Saakashvili and explains that the new changesshould be aimed at keeping principle of the mutual control between the goverment branches.

Manana Kobakhidze says that the ruling team plans to implement changes together with public and relevant professionals and to adopt such a model which will improve the Constitution. Kobakhidze said that discussion on amendments to the Constitution will involv both the non-parliamentary and parliamentary opposition, including the National Movement.

Manana Kobakhidze,when speaking on Rustavi 2 avoided talking about the specific constitutional changes She called the opposition`s statements political speculation.

"This is a political speculation, this topic is artificially launched tocreate a threat from the constitutional majority and it is done by the team that wants to use this topic for its campaign in the second round. This serves a specific purpose, to confuse voters and maybe gain a few more votes. Constitutional majority is the chance for the country to move forward go straight through and accomplish all the reforms that were started , "- said Manana Kobakhidze.

`There is a legitimate suspicion that drugs were planted on these guys ` - Sozar Subari

13 June, 2017 , 11:25

Sozar Subari`s scandalous statement about the arrest of Birja mafia members. The Minister of Refugees and Accommodation says that "there is a legitimate suspicion that drugs were planted on those guys." According to Soza

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