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22 February, 2018 22:56

Nato Chkheidze, a member of the parliament, responds to Fady Asly

Nato Chkheidze responded to the statement made by the chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce. Chkheidze spoke about the Omega Group.

"Omega Group has a lot of investments and" Omega Group "has a relationship with business partners in the world. When talking about such a group, he should be more caution and not lobby the company that has not invested in Georgia, which has employed only few people and has not contributed to the prosperity of Georgia, and on the contrary, that sweeps away everything it makes in this country, "- said Nato Chkheidze.

Fady Asly blames "Omega Group" for unfair attack on the government.

More information he gives about hidden and conspiratorial actions, better it will be – MP Gia Volski comments on new audio record around the scandal of Omega Group

21 September, 2018 , 16:19

Deputy speaker of the parliament of Georgia, MP Gia Volski says it is necessary to clarify what is going around Omega Group, by all means. “If there are more audio records and more information they give about hidde

Extortion of luxury cars for minister – Courier releases yet another secret audio on the case of Omega Group

21 September, 2018 , 16:12

Rustavi2 Broadcasting Company has obtained yet another secret audio record, which contains the dialogue with the former minister of sports and youth affairs, Levan Kipiani. The dialogue recorded on the tape, the authenti

Patriarch used to say that the Church is apolitical and used to follow this rule – Tsulukiani

20 September, 2018 , 15:04

Tea Tsulukiani, the Minister of Justice responds to the Patriarch"s statement and shares its content. According to him, the Patriarch has always emphasized that the Church is apolitical and does not interfere in politica

Kipiani was just an agent in this case and not the main actor – Zaza Okuashvili (video)

15 September, 2018 , 16:32

“Of course, Kipiani was just an agent in this case and not the main acting force,” – the founder of Omega Group and Iberia TV, member of the Adjara Supreme Council, Zaza Okuashvili said in his interview

Iberia TV owners were offered to pay 3 millions to Bidzina Ivanishvili’s circles - Rustavi2 releases new recording

14 September, 2018 , 16:14

Courier news program broadcast on Rustavi2 TV Channel has aired yet another scandalous secret audio recording regarding the case of Iberia TV. The recording allegedly includes the conversation with the owners of Iberia T

Nato Chkheidze Responds to Ucha Mamatsashvili`s Case

12 September, 2018 , 13:35

Nato Chkheidze responds to Ucha Mamatsashvili"s statement today where Mamatsashvili accuses TV company Iberia and Omega Group of "targeted provocation". According to Nato Chkheidze, legal proceedings against Omega group

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