21 September, 2017 15:19

Nato Chkheidze: “The government is obliged to take into account the protest of its people!”

“By considering our recent history, I wonder if the time will come at last when corresponding bodies will discern hooliganism from social protest!” – MP NATO Chkheidze made this statement at the session of the parliament regarding the incident that occurred outside the parliament on the 19th of September, where law enforcers prevented the members of the Alliance of Patriots from putting a banner in the area, where they were holding a hunger strike.

“It is the legal right of the citizens of Georgia to express their protest verbally, without words or in written form. Banner is the written for of expressing the protest, which was opposed by the law enforcers and they allowed the protestors to place the banner only after their categorical request, but this happened on the expense of the freedom of Bezhan Gunava, the activist of the Patriots’ Alliance, who was arrested with the charges of small hooliganism”, - said the MP and expressed her hope that the absurd charges would be lifted soon.

MP Chkheidze also added that such actions by the authorities was a rough tactical mistake of the government, especially in pre-election situation.
“The government is obliged to listen, endure and even take into account critical remarks of its citizens, the word of protest of its people and urge the law enforcers not to breach the constitution as roughly as they did yesterday and act only in frames of law,” – MP Nato Chkheidze stated at the session of the parliament.

Zaza Okuashvili talks about Government racketeering against Omega Group (exclusive interview)

24 September, 2018 , 10:43

Zaza Okuashvili talks about Government racketeering against Omega Group (exclusive interview)

Russia is still trying to undermine our peaceful initiatives - Mamuka Bakhtadze

20 September, 2018 , 15:11

Russia is still trying to undermine our peaceful initiatives, – Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze said in an interview with Fox News. According to him, Russia occupied 20% of the Georgian territory and it

Irakli Kobakhidze not rules out withdrawal of bill on marijuana cultivation

20 September, 2018 , 15:07

Irakli Kobakhidze, the Speaker of the Parliament does not rule out withdrawal of bill on marijuana cultivation from parliament. The Parliament Speaker released a statement in that regard. As Irakli Kobakhidze notes,

Government Pressure on Free Media and Free Business

12 September, 2018 , 14:42

Government Pressure on Free Media and Free Business

“Why is a sensitive issue, he is not my girlfriend,` - Margvelashvili responds to question about Ivanishvili

12 September, 2018 , 13:32

Analysts, politicians and journalists gathered at Tbilisi International Conference today. The President of Georgia opened the event. Giorgi Margvelashvili spoke about the ruling team"s refusal to nominate the president.

Georgia remains in center of attention of world and west - Archil Talakvadze

11 September, 2018 , 11:41

“Georgia remains in the center of attention of the world and the west. Tbilisi International Conference, attended by high-ranking politicians and officials, is the confirmation of this,” Archil Talakvadze, Le

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