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21 September, 2017 15:19

Nato Chkheidze: “The government is obliged to take into account the protest of its people!”

“By considering our recent history, I wonder if the time will come at last when corresponding bodies will discern hooliganism from social protest!” – MP NATO Chkheidze made this statement at the session of the parliament regarding the incident that occurred outside the parliament on the 19th of September, where law enforcers prevented the members of the Alliance of Patriots from putting a banner in the area, where they were holding a hunger strike.

“It is the legal right of the citizens of Georgia to express their protest verbally, without words or in written form. Banner is the written for of expressing the protest, which was opposed by the law enforcers and they allowed the protestors to place the banner only after their categorical request, but this happened on the expense of the freedom of Bezhan Gunava, the activist of the Patriots’ Alliance, who was arrested with the charges of small hooliganism”, - said the MP and expressed her hope that the absurd charges would be lifted soon.

MP Chkheidze also added that such actions by the authorities was a rough tactical mistake of the government, especially in pre-election situation.
“The government is obliged to listen, endure and even take into account critical remarks of its citizens, the word of protest of its people and urge the law enforcers not to breach the constitution as roughly as they did yesterday and act only in frames of law,” – MP Nato Chkheidze stated at the session of the parliament.

“These amendments move us away from the Europe and the Western values!” – Nato Chkheidze

6 August, 2017 , 12:33

 “I supported deliberately the restrictions provided by the Law on the Tobacco Control as the progressive society and all the normal and self-respecting states go in this direction, it means they impose restri

`Forget party interest, we must defeat Georgian Dream, `- Giorgi Vashadze

4 August, 2017 , 15:40

New initiative of "New Georgia" - Giorgi Vashadze calls on the opposition parties to unite in self-governance elections and nominate a single mayoral candidate. New Georgia representatives have gathered at the open meeti

I will continue fighting for Ukraine - Mikheil Saakashvili

4 August, 2017 , 13:48

I will continue to fight for Ukraine - the third president of Georgia writes in The Washington Post The purpose of appointment of his Odessa District Governor was to clean up the corrupt region, but his team was later fa

` Appointment of the President`s special Representative to the US does not diminish neither the Ambassador nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,` - Tengiz Pkhaladze

2 August, 2017 , 17:56

The president"s administration explains that appointment of a special representative of Donald Trump will further strengthen the existing format of consultations between the two countries. Giorgi Margvelashvili"s Adviser

This will be a problem for Moscow if it is followed by expanding military infrastructure in the direction of Russia - Dimitri Peskov talks about Pence`s visit

2 August, 2017 , 17:27

Russian President`s Press Secretary Dimitri Peskov gave an interview to Russian media in Moscow on Wednesday. According to Dimitri Peskov, sovereign states establish relationship on their will. -announces rustavi 2. "Thi

According to experts, the Kremlin`s policy is not likely to change because of sanctions but it`s an important message to Moscow

2 August, 2017 , 17:27

Georgian experts assess the statement made by US Vice President Mike Pence in Tbilisi that President Trump will sign the legislation for stricter sanctions against Russia as an important message. "Russia is mentioned amo

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