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23 April, 2019 18:00

Nato Chkheidze to Ivane Matchavariani: You don’t care about losing, because it will be the budget that loses, while your personal revenue increases

You think that it is logical for minister to make decisions unlawfully, without stating specific law, article and paragraph, - declared an independent deputy of the parliament, Nato Chkheidze, during the session of financial-budgetary committee, where Ivane Matchavariani spoke about the matter of the Omega Group.

She accused the minister of unlawful decision and noted, that Matchavariani will have to make things clear during the court cases.

“When it was inevitable for you to explain to the audience what was obvious to you, you mentioned this phrase several times, in an admonishing manner, of course: is it logical? Therefore, I am speaking to you with an identical phrase, in an identical manner. Mr.Ivane, do you think it is logical for minister to make decisions unlawfully, without mentioning specific law, article and paragraph?

For your information, your unlawful decisions were studied by our ombudsman as well as the Stockholm Arbitration court, and conclusions were written. The case that the ministry of justice lost was because of your unlawful decisions and you will probably have to make things clear about your unfair decisions during the following court discussions. Of course, you don’t care about losing, because it will be the budget that will lose, meanwhile your personal revenue will increase, regardless of your unlawful decisions, which you take so much pride in”,-told Nato Chkheidze to minister of finance.

Zurabishvili was rejected by Official Washington

20 May, 2019 , 12:32

Sources say, that Salome Zurabishvili’s plan to visit the United States of America was rejected by Official Washington, - announces TV company Rustavi 2. Now a former head of presidential administration approves, t

Justice Minister answering questions of lawmakers

21 March, 2019 , 11:08

Justice Minister Tea Tsulukiani is answering questions of lawmakers. Tsulukiani delivered a report in the parliament earlier this afternoon within the framework of the Ministerial Hour. MPs of both the ruling party and o

All international organizations are involved to determine details of Irakli Kvaratskhelia’s death - Mamuka Bakhtadze

21 March, 2019 , 11:05

All the international organizations are involved and we will determine the details of the circumstances how Irakli Kvaratskhelia died – Georgian Prime Minister said in facebook live. PM expressed condolence to Kvar

Foreign Minister says all mechanisms are used to establish death cause of Georgian citizen

13 March, 2019 , 12:18

All the embassies of Georgia have received relevant instructions to inform our partner countries about the case, – Minister of Foreign Affairs Davit Zalkaliani told journalists when commenting on the death fac

Speaking of Georgia`s accession to NATO is an exacerbation of the situation and it will bring nothing to Russia or the region - Burjanadze

13 March, 2019 , 12:02

Nino Burjanadze is still in Moscow and she is against speaking about Georgia"s NATO membership.This statement was made by the Chairwoman of the Democratic Movement for Georgia in the program of the Russian TV Company "Fi

Tea Tsulukiani remains Justice Minister – Issue is solved, we continue working as united team

13 March, 2019 , 11:36

The issue is solved. We continue working as a united team under conditions of common standpoints – Tea Tsulukiani, Justice Minister said at Governmental Chancellery. “There was a disagreement over certain iss

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Omega Motors opens BMW and MINI dealership center in Batumi