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12 June, 2017 15:00

Omega Motors opens BMW and MINI dealership center in Batumi

BMW 5 series and MINI Countryman were presented at the ceremony of an unprecedented project held by Omega Motors in Batumi – BMW top managers, including Dr. Thomas Reene, who is CEO of the Africa, Caribbean and Eastern Europe regional office, also the sales director of the importers of Africa, Caribbean and Eastern region, Conrad Baumgartner, director of MINI, Frederick Dorais and the Region’s manager, Victor Eisenbraun arrived in Batumi to attend the event as special guests.

The presentation, which also included a spectacular show, was also attended by numerous senior officials, including foreign diplomats, chairperson of the Adjara Government Zurab Pataradze, Batumi Mayor Giorgi Ermakov and the MPs of the Adjara Supreme Council, who said they hoped that the new branch of Omega Motors in Batumi would be successful, able to satisfy its customers and add a new status to the city of Batumi.

The Batumi branch of Omega Motors had its first customer on the opening day – Adjara Supreme Council MP, the founder of Omega Group, Zaza Okuashvili purchased the first vehicle – BMW X1, which turned out to be a gift for the Adjara Supreme Council as a compensation for the loss suffered during the 11-12 March rally in Batumi; one of the vehicles burnt down by the protestors then, belonged to the Adjara Supreme Council.

It should be noted that under the decision of Omega Group management, specific amount of money paid for the vehicles purchased from the Batumi branch, will be transferred to the Batumi Center of Children With Disabilities.

The charity did not end with this gift, as Mr. Zaza Okuashvili purchased one more vehicle, One Cabrio and presented the tourism department of Adjara with it.

“We have brought huge German and English successful brands – BMW and MINI to Georgia. Omega has passed a very long way: we signed our first contract with BMW and MINI in 1998 and opened its center in Tbilisi in 2000. Omega was, so to say, alone then, though currently there are almost all multinational brands in Tbilisi. I hope that other businesses will follow us in this competition to help the country benefit from this’, - Zaza Okuashvili stated at the presentation.

“This is an exemplary step that serves the interests of the state,” MP of the Adjara Supreme Council, Tsotne Ananidze told journalists after the event and thanked Omega Group for this surprising gift.

“We are proud of Mr. Zaza Okuashvili and of all that he has done in a very short period of time. He fulfilled all plans of BMW. You are making investments and enhancing dealership network. Thanks to you, BMW and MINI cars will be sold in Batumi after Tbilisi. This center complies with all standards of BMW”, - MINI Regional Manager, Mr. Victor Eisenbraun stated at the presentation.

Former ambassador of Great Britain to Georgia, Mr. Donald MacLaren praised the opening of Omega Motors Batumi branch as a significant event.

“It is interesting that we have two brands: one British and another German, however, we have finally assembled three European nations in one place – Germany, Great Britain and Georgia”, - Mr. Donald MacLaren told reporters wishing success to Omega Motors.

“This is an excellent show room meeting international standards, which will facilitate the development of our region”, - Chairperson of the Adjara Government, Zurab Pataridze announced at the presentation.

Batumi Mayor, Giorgi Ermakov welcomed the opening of Omega Motors’ first regional center and showroom saying it was yet another nice object, which would create new jobs in the region.

It should be noted that BMW 5 series G30 is known as a business athlete and one of the thriftiest and ecologically safe models among its rivals. It contains all those innovations, which are characteristic for sedan 7 series luxury vehicles.

As for the new MINI COUNTRYMAN, it is the biggest model in the 57-year long history of the brand, which now offers hybrid engines to its customers.

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Omega Motors opens BMW and MINI dealership center in Batumi