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10 January, 2019 15:34

`Omega` paid 6 million to the state budget in November-December 2018

"Omega" paid 6 million to the state budget in November-December 2018 - January 1, 2019 inclusive, - stated the management of Omega Group. Besides, the senior manager of Omega Levan Aghdgomelashvili told "Newpost" that starting from January due to the new tariffs "Omega" will contribute a doubled amount into the budget in 2019, i.e., from 60 to 80 million GEL.

Levan Aghdgomelashvili commented on equalizing the fee for the excise stamps for unfiltered and filtered cigarettes. He mentioned that "Omega" is always in favor of competition on an equal footing.

"Omega" constantly tried to reveal the dumping, as well as to increase the loyalty and, therefore, the contributions into the state budget based on the quality, the competition and the relevant activities in the market. According to the trend noticeable in the recent months between the Ministry of Finance and "Omega", "Omega’s" business will develop. Accordingly, if in the last two months Omega contributed 6 million GEL into the state budget, in 2019 this sum will be between 60 and 80 million GEL. "Omega" is still guided by the quality, the introduction of innovations in the market, maximizing the performance capabilities both in the local market and externally. Therefore, Omega has the ambition to be the leader by the contributions in the budget with not in the past but in the future and we hope the state will support us in this regard,” – stated Aghdgomelashvili.

Another Georgian business speaks up - `Georgia Airways` asking for help

21 March, 2019 , 10:57

The Georgian air company “Georgian Airways” demands help. The company releases a special statement, where it says that the managing company of Tbilisi airport does not allow them to carry out flights and requ

`I and my business were threatened with destruction ... We`re not going to stop` - American businessman

20 March, 2019 , 12:16

Courier contacted American businessman Edward Char, who spoke in the New Europe article about problems that his company Iconia Capital faced in Georgia. Eduard Chari says in an interview with Rustavi2 that he is not goin

From Busines utopia to Investor`s graveyard - New Europe publishes an article on Georgia

19 March, 2019 , 19:17

How Georgia has transferred from business utopia to investor"s graveyard - International media speaks about elite corruption and facts of business harassment in Georgia. The article "New Europe" is based on the experienc

Business Association of Georgia releases statement regarding TBC Bank case

13 March, 2019 , 12:23

The Business Association of Georgia released a statement regarding TBC Bank case. The association confirms that the latest developments around the bank and its founders became known to the organization in January of 2019

In addition to large corporates, PASHA Bank starts serving medium and small enterprises as well

12 March, 2019 , 14:34

On March 5, official opening ceremony of PASHA Bank’s new branch office has been held. In the beginning of the event, Arda Yusuf Arkun, CEO of PASHA Bank and Vazha Menabde - MSME Business Advisor of the Chairman of

“Every day this government rapes businesses and we are silent” - businessman Tamaz Elizbarashvili speaks about pressure

10 March, 2019 , 08:18

Business racketeering by the government – the businessman Tamaz Elizbarashvili accuses Bidzina Ivanishvili’s team of pressure. According to him, the government plans to totally subdue the business. Tamaz Eliz

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Omega Motors opens BMW and MINI dealership center in Batumi