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24 April, 2020 17:25

PASHA Bank and Re|Bank will keep all their employees

The beginning of 2020 was sadly marked by the outbreak of a global pandemic COVID-19, which is having a very negative impact on the world economy. Consequently, many companies had to take hard decisions regarding their employees. PASHA Bank and Re|Bank share their position on this topic with PASHA Holding, a large Azerbaijani investment group, which they are part of. During the recent on-line call the CEO of the company, Mr. Arda Arkun, addressed the employees of PASHA Bank and Re|Bank to assure everyone that in 2020 the Bank will not have any redundancies due to only Covid-19 and underlined that the company plans to be a long-term successful player in Georgian market and thus will need to gain and retain competent personnel.

Mr. Arkun thanked the employees who work at the branches as well as the ones working distantly, ensuring flowless processes and providing the clients with all necessary services.

“It is very important at this time to ensure full service for the corporate and SME clients of PASHA Bank as well as the retail clientele of Re|Bank. Quality has always been one of our core brand values and I am happy to observe our team handling this crisis in such a professional way. Once again we saw the importance of having the right people and processes in place,” – Mr. Arkun cited.

The employees of PASHA Bank and Re|Bank were also addressed by the CEO of PASHA Holding, Mr Jalal Gasimov: “In these difficult times for our countries, I call on each of you to stick to our responsibilities, adhere to the governments’ recommendations, follow self-isolation and social distancing and support our countries in saving as many lives as possible. Please remember that we shall, hopefully, be able to bring back our economies to their normal pace once we are out of this dire crisis but bringing lost lives will not be possible. As PASHA Holding family, we will do our best in order to preserve economic stability both for our countries and for our employees. We have pledged not to allow any job cuts in 2020 in PASHA Holding and its subsidiaries and have continued to pay full salaries to all our employees.”

Out of new COVID-19 cases, 166 are linked to Adjara, 41- Tbilisi, 55 – Imereti

26 September, 2020 , 14:39

Out of 296 new cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) reported in Georgia, 166 cases are connected to Adjara region, 41 – Tbilisi, 55- Imereti – said Marina Endeladze, Head of Box Ward of Tbilisi Hospital of I

Change in the Board of Directors of PASHA Bank Georgia

26 September, 2020 , 12:55

PASHA Bank Georgia is pleased to announce that the Supervisory Board has appointed Mr. Selim Berent as the Chief Financial Officer of the Bank effective from September 24, 2020. Mr. Selim Berent graduated from Koc Univer

The government gives the green light to the tax evasion by keeping silence – the tobacco smuggling is at an all-time high

6 August, 2020 , 20:02

The cigarette smuggling is on the rise in this country, the businesses and the budget suffer losses, the weak actions of the relevant structures and the state resources are not enough to prevent it. Such is the situation

Re|Bank celebrates its first birthday with unprecedented installment offers

3 August, 2020 , 14:31

Re|Bank is celebrating its first birthday in August. The bank will mark the occasion with unprecedented installment plan offers.  Last year, Re|Bank debuted an entirely innovative banking product to its clients - To

Summer Campaign by Re|Bank: Getting a Top|Card has never been easier

1 July, 2020 , 16:44

Last year, Re|Bank offered customers a completely innovative banking product - an installment shopping card, called Top|Card. Top|Card is an interest-free installment card (effective 0%), meaning that if a card-holder fo

Re|Bank Offers its Customers a Renewed Top|Card

22 June, 2020 , 15:37

Last year, Re|Bank offered customers a completely innovative banking product - an installment shopping card, called Top|Card. Top|Card is an interest-free installment card, meaning that if a card-holder follows the terms

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