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8 September, 2018 14:32

Special Statement by Iberia TV and Zaza Okuashvili

Anchor: “I, as the head of the information service of TV Company Iberia, want to make a statement. TV Company Iberia has to make an urgent statement for the second time this year. the functioning of the TV Company is seriously endangered. The government has cut off the main funding source. The Company Omega Group, which includes TV Company Iberia, is paralyzed. The government intentionally suspended the work of the factory. We, journalists, have the information that it is happening deliberately, so that the critical voice is not heard on our broadcasting. As it seems the objective of the government is to shut down TV Company Iberia, so that we are not able to continue carrying out our professional activities.

We have the information that the pressure is exerted on Omega Group in order to take possession of the company. We, journalists, strongly demand to immediately stop attacking an independent media outlet and to let Omega Group carry on its functioning.

We address international organizations, Diplomatic Corps, Public Defender, NGOs, our colleagues to support us so that Iberia TV does not cease broadcasting.

The founder of Iberia TV and Omega Group, Mr. Zaza Okuashvili has made a statement.”

Zaza Okuashvili: “One cannot call it invisible forces as it was called before. Those levers imposed on Omega are operated not by invisible forces. Those are financial levers, judiciary, law enforcement bodies and so on. This mission to protect an independent media, independent TV Company is indispensable to everyone, each Georgian, each citizen. We shall not let anyone, any gang, even if it is called the government, to infringe on the independent media. There shall not and will not be invisible forces. I have held consultations abroad to take into account foreign reality, if there is a way out of this – when independent media, independent TV and the business are all infringed by a gang. Actually, there are no rules under which a person can work and create the future of Georgia. Omega is one of the bricks, one of the soldiers in all of which. If this brings the truth, the freedom and legality, let omega be sacrificed and Omega is ready for this sacrifice, but if it makes things worse to all Georgians, businessmen and law abiding citizens, then we should raise our voice before it is too late. Omega will do its best for the development of Georgia, the existence of the independent media within the available laws and if the situation continues and I hope they will come to their senses. Until there is a free media and the opportunity to express oneself, Omega will perform its duties. We all should think about this, the government, the state is not a criminal gang by which one can frighten Georgian, a person, a citizen of Georgia, which builds the future of this country,” – Zaza Okuashvili has said.

Kipiani talks about roles that Ivanishvili, Partskhaladze, Gakharia, Davit Maghradze and Zarala had in the case of Omega Group

23 October, 2018 , 15:00

Rustavi2 broadcasting company has released the second video recording depicting the meeting, where the former minister of sports, Levan Kipiani tells Zaza Okuashvili and other representatives of Omega Group that all prob

This should be seriously treated and impartially investigated – Davit Cramer comments on Omega Group’s case

22 October, 2018 , 17:45

Director of the McCain Institute for Human Rights and Democracy, Davit Cramer says the Georgian presidential elections 2018 will give answers to many questions for the West.  In his interview with media, Cramer also

`Take microphone away from me ... They write and they know in what kind of trash they have involved the whole country,`- Victor Japaridze

18 October, 2018 , 17:22

Victor Japardze, the majoritarian MP of Mestia which is a participant of the scandalous recordings, made in prison practically confirms the authenticity of the recordings. He does not question the contents of the record

Zaza Okuashvili interview with talk show `Accents` (video)

12 October, 2018 , 10:21

Zaza Okuashvili interview with talk show "Accents"

I can not tell you anything about his artistic talent, but the consciousness is definitely lacking - `Omega Group` director Kipiani`s testimony

11 October, 2018 , 10:34

The Director General of Omega Group calls delirium the testimony of Levan Kipiani, published by Tbilisi Prosecutor"s Office. Levan Kipiani claims that the recordings were prepared by Zaza Okuashvili"s decision and becaus

The conclusion of the examination of the audio records received from the UK says the tapes are authentic – Levan Aghdgomelashvili

9 October, 2018 , 21:04

Director general of OGT, the company united in Omega Group, Levan Aghdgomelashvili says the report of the examination of the audio records received from the UK, says that both audio tapes are authentic. “We have re

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