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30 April, 2017 10:40

State Security Service denies relocation of occupation line at Khurcha

As the State Security Service reports ,the relocation of occupation line at Khurcha has not taken place and the poles have been placed on the occupation line.

According to State Security, representatives of the EU Monitoring Mission are on the spot. Also, the Georgian side will provide information to all international organizations.

"The occupation line has not been transferred. The poles are placed on the occupation line. This is the continuation of the borderization process and the State Security Serviceas all relevant agencies at all levels will react to this fact. The information has already been provided to the EU Monitoring Mission. Their observers are already in place. The central government of Georgia will provide information to all international organizations working on these issues, "- state the State security Service.

According to reports, the Russian soldiers moved the occupation border line to the territory controlled by the central government in the village of Khurcha of Zugdidi district.

Local residents, Arvelodi Nachkhebia and Omar Mikautadze say that they have been working on the plots left behind the border line for years. According to Nachkebia, he has owned since 1978 and knew that it was the territory of Khurcha and not Nabakevi. -

Russian soldiers detain one person at Plavismani village

18 April, 2018 , 11:55

Russian soldiers detained Tamaz Iluridze, Georgian local, at Plavismani village, Gori district of Shida Kartli region. Zaza Korinteli, a representative of Plavismani Municipality confirmed the fact to First Channel. Ilur

Captain of Turkish fishing vessel was kidnapped in Ochamchire, occupied Abkhazia

12 February, 2018 , 10:57

Turkish citizen was kidnapped from occupied Abkhazia The incident took place near the port of Ochamchire. The Turkish fishing vessel"s captain came out of the bar and asked one of the locals to drive him to the port, but

Meeting with Residents of Villages Located alongside Dividing Line

14 September, 2017 , 12:50

On September 13, 2017, Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili met with the residents of the Shida Kartli and Imereti villages alongside the dividing line and listened to their problems. Residents of the villages of Jariasheni,

Occupational regime continues demarcation works near Kvesheti village

5 August, 2017 , 17:01

The occupation regime of South Ossetia launched continuing of so-called border demarcation works with arable land near Kvesheti village. -announces The villages of Jariasheni, Adzvi and Kveshi are adjacent to this

Tskhinvali occupation regime closes administrative border in connection with August war anniversary

5 August, 2017 , 16:33

Tskhinvali occupation regimeis closing the administrative border in connection  with August war anniversary.   The so called checkpoints will be closed until 9 August. According to the breakaway South Osse

Nodar Kharshiladze assesses the Health Minister`s announcement

4 August, 2017 , 16:11

Nodar Kharshiladze, the founder of the Center for Strategic Analysis of Georgia assesses the statement made by the Georgian Health Minister ,on the absence of creeping occupation.            

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