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14 March, 2019 16:34

The employees of Omega Group addressed Bidzina Ivanishvili with a joint statement

The state budget lost 12 million GEL over the last two months due to the suspension of the functioning of Omega Group. More than 1.500 employees became unemployed, - says the statement addressed to Bidzina Ivanishvili by the employees of Omega Group.

This statement was made by one of the employees of Omega Group, namely Nato Pitskhelauri in the factory of OGT.

“I address you, a true governor of the Georgian Government, on behalf of working people of Omega Groupa, namely on behalf of 1.500 employees concerning the latest developments. Mr. Bidzina, we, the ordinary working people, understand very well the reasons for suspending the functioning of Omega’s factory. The reason is that the government has a grudge as our founder Zaza Okuashvili revealed the proofs of corruption, extortion and racketeering in the ruling vertical. At the same time he did not fulfill your request and he did not read the text given to him during the presidential elections as it was done by the banker once close to you and now loathed by you. We, the ordinary working people, have been working in Omega Group for almost 30 years. We take pride in the fact that as a result of our work Omega Group contributed more than 1.5 billion GEL to the state budget and at the same time the result of our work did not serve to the corruption. For example, in November-December of 2018 when the work was resumed we contributed 6 million GEL to the state budget and the state budget lost 12 million GEL due to the recurring suspension of our work in January, February and March. We address you on behalf of the employees of Omega Group who still believe that we will enjoy the constitutional right to work in our factory and company, which has always been successful during the period of its existence, i.e for 30 years. We know it well that the contribution to the state budget and the income of our families is generated by the continuous functioning of Omega factory. Unfortunately, the government does not allow us to work in the factory, despite the proposal made by Omega to fully pay off the tax liabilities according to the schedule submitted to the government. We hope that the schedule proposed by Omega Group to fully pay off the existing liabilities should be acceptable to the government as it will be the best for business freedom, elimination of corruption and violence in this country. Omega Group will be the best example of successful business, working people, rights and freedoms”, - says the statement.

Ombudsman says draft law on selection of Supreme Court judges cannot respond to existing challenges

21 March, 2019 , 11:12

Public Defender Nino Lomjaria says the draft law prepared by the Chairman of the Parliament on the selection of the Supreme Court judges, cannot respond to the existing challenges. According to Nino Lomjaria, criter

The employees of Omega Group address Bidzina Ivanishvili

18 March, 2019 , 11:01

The employees of Omega Group address Bidzina Ivanishvili and make the joint statement. They speak about the pressure exerted by the authorities and its results. “Mr. Bidzina, we, the ordinary working people, unders

Open letter of Omega Group Employees to Bidzina Ivanishvili

14 March, 2019 , 14:17

We would like to apply to you on behalf of working people, 1500 employees of “Omega Group”, regarding the situation developed lately. Mr. Ivanishvili, for us, the ordinary working people, is well understandab

Fady Asly speaks about Government`s Political Vendetta

11 March, 2019 , 13:59

Government"s Political Vendetta and mafia and monopolistic style of governance - is the assessment of the head of the International Chamber of Commerce. Fady Asly claims that there is political vendetta against businesse

Business under government pressure - after `Omega` and TBC other businessmen openly speak about oppression

11 March, 2019 , 12:17

Other businessmen have started talking about pressure from the government after "Omega" and "TBC". Among them is Tamaz Elizbarashvili. Several days ago, he released a video threatening the government with publicizing of

`Do not treat business as a prostitute, business will respond correspondingly` - Supermarket Chain `Fresco` founder speaks about attack of the Ministry of Finance

9 March, 2019 , 19:40

Another big businessperson opposed to Bidzina Ivanishvili's team - the pressure on business and the targeted attack of the government. The founder of "Fresco" spoke about the assault against his business by the Ministry

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