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13 April, 2017 12:41

The statement, spread by Telecom Operator’s Association, is not true – Statement by Geocell

The statement, spread by Telecom Operator’s Association, on April 12, 2017 that Georgia’s population might be deprived of the service of receiving international incoming calls, is not true.

The mentioned issue will in no way affect customers negatively. On the contrary, they will receive an even higher quality service on International incoming calls.

Regarding the legitimacy of the mentioned topic, Geocell, together with other large telecommunication companies, will discuss it within the legal frame at the GNCC, as well as at the court.

Vice PM says he entirely shares PM’s position about alleged pressure on media

23 February, 2018 , 10:00

Vice Prime Minister of Georgia Dimitri Kumsishvili has commented on the allegations of independent media organizations, saying he completely shares the statement made by the Prime Minister and evaluates the allegations o

Pressure on Iberia TV Company – journalists allege the authorities are trying to bankrupt their main sponsor, Omega Group

22 February, 2018 , 12:54

Pressure on Iberia TV Company – for the past two days, the journalists of the channel have been alleging the government is creating financial problems to the TV intentionally by cutting its sources of funding. The

Pressure on TV Company Iberia – special statement released on behalf of journalists

22 February, 2018 , 11:55

The chief of news department of the Iberia TV Company, Vakho Khuzmiashvili has made a statement on behalf of the company staff live on Iberia today. “The main sponsor of Iberia TV Company is Omega Group and the com

Giorgi Kvirikashvili - It is due to His Holiness that Georgia has preserved and strengthened the historical tradition of tolerance

12 February, 2018 , 14:01

The tradition of relationship between society and church base on trust and respect is one of the main achievements of our history and the strongest pillar for the Georgian statehood, – the Prime Minister of Georgia

Dodo Gugeshashvili may be interrogated today

12 February, 2018 , 13:58

Dodo Gugeshashvili"s health condition has been improved, but doctors do not make any additional comment. If the wounded is transferred to the ward, she may be questioned today. Dodo Gugeshashvili is the main witness in t

Change in the Management Board of PASHA Bank Georgia

1 February, 2018 , 14:22

PASHA Bank Georgia is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Arda Yusuf Arkun as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors as of February 1st, 2018. Mr. Arkun graduated from Hamilton College, New York in 1998 with a