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20 August, 2019 22:51

“They offered me a non-formal deal on behalf of Ivanishvili… I rejected it” – Nodar Meladze speaks about the details of the meeting

After Rustavi-2 was transferred into ownership of Kibar Khalvashi, the representative of Bidzina Ivanishvili came to me and offered me the deal, - stated Nodar Meladze.

According to him, the mentioned deal conditioned that all the topics should have been agreed upon with the representative of Ivanishvili.

“Two weeks ago, the representative of the person close to Bidzina Ivanishvili met me. Everyone in the newsroom knew about this fact. The stance of that person was that they did not want to make “Imedia” out of “Rustavi 2”. There would still be a certain dose of the criticism. They would not fire me and I would keep on being the head of the information service of “Rustavi 2”. I would just have to give them a communication channel. There would be a person (neither Lasha Natsvlishvili nor Koka Kandiashvili who runs the state media) who would communicate with me concerning certain issues and I would have to plan the agenda according to the decisions of that person. The head of the information service of “Rustavi 2” plans all the broadcasts and accordingly, he/she has access to all the stories. Thus, it would be a very simple solution to them if I agreed to that proposal. They would say that I am still the head of the information service and the editorial policy would remain the same. Though, according to them, “the temperature and the degree of the criticism would decrease”. They also told me that it was in the interest of Bidzina Ivanishvili to prepare the stories concerning the corruption of some officials as Bidzina Ivanishvili himself struggles against the thieves of the budget; though, there were some issues, which we should not have addressed. Of course, I rejected this proposal”, - said Nodar Meladze.

The announcement of the minister of finance on the debts of the TV companies

20 August, 2019 , 11:39

That matter hasn’t been discussed. For now, nobody has addressed us regarding the mitigation of their debts. However, we totally understand that paying these debts will not be easy. This needs some sort of resoluti

“Rustavi 2” has a debt, worth up to 28 million, “Imedi” has up to 19 million, “Maestro” has more than 8 million – the minister of finance

19 August, 2019 , 16:30

“There are several TV channels with a very large debt, such as “Imedi”, “Rustavi 2” and “Maestro”, - says the minister of fincance Ivane Machavariani. According to the minister,

The application imposing the ban on my departure from this country is another attack to the future of my new media –Nika Gvaramia

11 August, 2019 , 20:31

“The application imposing the ban on my departure from this country is another attack to the future of my new media as the investors who will be my partners in this media reside abroad. For example, I will not be a

I`m not interested in holding any position, I do not want to sit in the office - Saakashvili`s interview with the Ukrainian TV channel

30 May, 2019 , 11:30

The new reality in the country - Mikheil Saakashvili assesses the situation in Ukraine after presidential elections. Upon arrival in Kiev, the third president of Georgia was a guest of several Ukrainian TV channels. The

` Georgian Dream` and Bidzina Ivanishvili continue to attack free media - Zurab Tchiaberashvili

13 April, 2019 , 10:30

"Georgian Dream" and Bidzina Ivanishvili continue to attack the free media in different directions and it is not surprising for anyone, "- says Zurab Chiaberashvili, the member of the parliamentary faction" European Geor

Fascist and Bolshevik Statements - Kobakhidze attacks Director general of Rustavi 2 and NGOs

22 March, 2019 , 13:11

A chairperson of parliament criticizes Rustavi 2 and NGO sector. Irakli Kobakhidze blamed the NGOs for participating in the election agitation. The Chairman of the Parliament indicates that this is why the civil society

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