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15 September, 2018 16:17

We call on the government again to let Omega Group operate – Omega Group releases a statement

Omega Group has released a statement regarding the recent developments around the company.

“You know that the financial problems for Omega Group have been caused intentionally by the government. This is the result of the unhealthy situation – dumping, on the tobacco market, which is created deliberately. For many years, despite our numerous addresses, the government has been refusing to apply to the measures of administration stipulated under the Law of Georgia on Competition and the Law of Georgia on Tobacco Control and this approach has incurred huge harm on the company. Moreover, during the past 18 months, the government suspended the operation of Omega Group three times and during the past two months, the government has been refusing to issue excise marks to the company, which has totally paralyzed us.

All this affects the ability of Omega Group to fulfil its tax obligations, to pay salary to about 1500 employs and to comply with the obligations the Omega Group has before its local and international partners, among which there are eight automobile companies and bank institutions.

It is worth noting that the fair and legal requests raised by the company for consideration have been ignored by the ministry of finance and the company, which has contributed over 1,5 billion GEL to the state budget and made over 200 million GEL British investments in the country during the past five years, has been put into such situation.

We are concerned on the problems, which we are facing with our partners as a result of these developments, however, all this is caused by the pressure from the authorities and with these actions Omega Group is being destroyed.

We call on the government once again – to give Omega Group the possibility to operate and thus comply with its obligations fairly and faithfully,” – says the statement released by Omega Group.

PASHA Bank joins rehabilitation of Borjomi forest

17 October, 2018 , 14:25

Restoration works have started in Borjomi forest within the Aghadgine campaign by BIA. The project has brought together up to 250 companies raising funds for planting 48,000 trees in total. PASHA Bank

Omega Group’s tobacco factory is deliberately deprived off the opportunity to pay taxes – Omega Group releases the statement

11 October, 2018 , 12:35

Omega Group has released a special statement regarding the controversy of its tax arrears and the problems of its payment. As the company says in the statement, senior authorities, both from parliamentary majority and ex

Disappeared evidence from Luka Paliani`s murder case -family threatens with revange

10 October, 2018 , 15:19

Another high-profile murder case from which the main evidence has disappeared. Video footage depicting murder of 26-year-old Luka Paliani has been removed from the case in Mestia. The family suspects that the Prosecutor"

Father and Attorney of Temirlan Machalikashvili accuse Samkharauli Forensic Bureau of deliberate delay of publishing the expertise results

10 October, 2018 , 15:16

New details of murder case of Temirlan Machalakashvili - a father and a lawyer of the young man killed in a special operation in the Pankisi Gorge blame the Samkharauli Forensic Bureau of deliberate delay of the expertis

Case of Omega Group, Violence on Levan Kipiani and Another Scandalous Record - Civil Sector Requests Timely Investigation

1 October, 2018 , 13:24

Events surrounding the TV company Iberia and the Omega Group and the another scandalous records - civil sector speaks about the criminal offense. Representatives of NGOs say that it is necessary to investigate the scanda

Discussion of long-term restructuring was non-prospective from the beginning – Revenue Service about Omega Group

29 September, 2018 , 10:29

The Ministry of Finance of Georgia and the LEPL Revenue Office carry out measures stipulated by applicable legislation for preventing growth of tax arrears and for withdrawing accumulated arrears – finance ministry

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Omega Motors opens BMW and MINI dealership center in Batumi