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30 August, 2019 14:11

We have made certain mistakes when dealing with the business-Zurab Adeishvili

“When it comes to business, one of the most serious mistakes ever made was using preliminary confinement against businessman. This was one of the biggest mistakes we shouldn’t have made”, - noted the former minister of justice – Zurab Adeishvili – during his interview with the former general director of Rustavi 2 – Nika Gvaramia.

Zurab Adeishvili talks about business terror as well, claiming that the previous government used the technique of so called “Shortcarts”, which, according to him, means that instead of being punished, businessmen were offered to make an investment: “Take a decent portion of the money that you stole and took home with you and spend it on a social welfare”, - said Adeishvili, though he added, he does not support some procedures conducted back then.

He believes it would have been better if the government had followed a different agenda against the swindler companies: such companies should have been distrained and the owners should have faced appropriate punishments.

He also explains that society was especially emotional about strict punishments against small businesses and charging with large penalties for small mistakes: “even if somebody had a tiny grocery store in the village but was working without giving receipts… that is also an error”, - said Zurab Adeishvili during his interview with Nika Gvramia, which was conducted in Budapest.

Re|Bank launched internet and mobile banking platforms

27 August, 2019 , 16:40

On August 26th Re|Bank launched new internet and mobile banking platforms, thus enabling customers to manage their accounts, receive detailed information on products, make transfers, payments, and order bank product

Re|Bank opens its third branch in Tbilisi

23 August, 2019 , 12:00

Re|Bank – a new retail banking brand from PASHA Bank – opened its third branch in Tbilisi. From today on customers will be able to get service at 75 Javakheti str. The first branch of the Bank has already ope

PASHA Bank and Georgian National Tourism Administration signed the Memorandum of Cooperation

20 August, 2019 , 13:10

PASHA Bank and Georgian National Tourism Administration hosted a presentation event and signed the Memorandum of Cooperation. The conference was held at the Hotel Moxy Tbilisi. Head of National Tourism Administration, Ma

I encourage the TV companies, to start paying their current debts today, and we are waiting for their suggestions about the old ones – Ivane Matchavariani

19 August, 2019 , 16:37

I want to encourage the TV channels to come to us as soon as possible, within 1 or 2 weeks, and make their suggestions: how they envision the restructuration of their paying schedule. There are different models of distri

With whom is Gvaramia creating a new TV channel: “Okuashvili is one of the important figures… I won’t name others”

19 August, 2019 , 16:26

“Even if I am imprisoned, the TV channel will be open by fall, the team is already there and they are actively working on this”, - The former general director of “Rustavi 2” – Nika Gvaramia

The old debts of the TV companies are quite big, and the issue of their existence may come. This is certainly not in the interest of our government - the Minister of Finance

15 August, 2019 , 15:06

“Therefore, in this case, on behalf of the Ministry of Finance and the Revenue Service, I would like to address and to urge the TV companies to come up in the nearest period, in one or two weeks with the proposals

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