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29 December, 2017 11:20

Why was Philip Morris case found in the resolution of a US Congressman?!

American Congressman, Republican Steve Russel has accused the government of Georgia of creating unfair business environment, calling upon President Trump to cancel visas to Georgian Ministers, seize their bank accounts and refuse them entry to the United States.

The American Congressman urges the US President to apply to the most radical measures due to three specific cases – making focus on the case of Philip Morris tobacco maker and the proceedings that are underway in Georgia.

The media is aware of the controversial dispute between the Georgian Tobacco and Philip Morris, which was won by Philip Morris at the second instance court of Georgia. Therefore, this example makes it unintelligible whether for which case the congressman accuses Georgian government and what he deems as oppression of business and Philip Morris in particular.

Medianews has tried to clarify these details and learn the position of the company by interviewing the representatives of the Philip Morris in Georgia. Nona Mamulashvili of the company told the news agency that she was not aware of the resolution by the US congressman.

“Unfortunately, I cannot comment on this. What can I comment on? I have not read the resolution by Russel. I am in France and have no idea what is going in Georgia now. I can tell you nothing until I come back to Georgia and nobody from our office can comment on the issue. All of them are on vacations,” – Mamulashvili told Medianews.

The massage frankly this morning is that America’s support for Georgia remains strong and steadfast and we’ll continue to do so - Mike Pompeo

22 May, 2018 , 10:23

The massage frankly this morning is that America’s support for Georgia remains strong and steadfast and we’ll continue to do so, – U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made the regarding statement a

Donald Trump to meet North Korean leader in Singapore on 12 June

11 May, 2018 , 10:17

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will meet in Singapore on 12 June. US President released information on his Twitter page. “The highly anticipated meeting between Kim Jong Un and myself

PM: Armenia ready to establish diplomatic ties with Turkey

10 May, 2018 , 10:13

Armenia is ready to establish diplomatic ties with Turkey without preconditions, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan told reporters in Stepanakert on Wednesday. “You know that Turkey is putting forward precondi

Kremlin is preparing for Vladimir Putin`s inauguration

7 May, 2018 , 12:38

The last preparations for the inauguration of Vladimir Putin are underway in the Kremlin. The ceremony will start at 12:00 local time and it will be attended by 5 thousand guests. On the fourth inauguration of Vladimir P

Heather Nauert: US stands by NATO’s 2008 Bucharest Declaration that Georgia will become a member of NATO

4 May, 2018 , 14:23

state department responds to the visit of Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Issues Wess Mitchell to Georgia. Spokesperson Heather Nauert noted that Wess Mitchell held meetings wit

US State Department – Russia threatening neighboring countries including Georgia

27 April, 2018 , 12:01

Russia is threatening neighboring countries including Georgia – Heather Nauert, Press Speaker of US State Department wrote on Twitter. “NATO is more relevant than any time since Cold War. Today, we focused on

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