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25 November, 2019 16:15

Zaza Okuashvili: Ivanishvili together with his like-minded Gakharia is a petty criminal

“A year ago I talked about who Bidzina Ivanishvili is. We introduced him to the public and the people saw that his word was not worth a dime”, - said the businessman Zaza Okuashvili in TV Show “Reaction”.

“No citizen doubts that Ivanishvili together with his like-minded Gakharia is a petty criminal who steals on a daily basis. We are talking now, we are spending our energy, young people are fighting for freedom and they steal our votes, our budget, our freedom, our democracy every day, which we should not allow them to do. They are already in agony. Every time when young people go out, they call the army, cover themselves with shields and protect themselves. They will not be able to defend themselves against the truth, the betrayal of the people, the betrayal of the country, the embezzlement and theft of the budgetary funds, the international community. In Georgia, the process has come to the point when the international investments are wasted, the results gained by the Georgian people together with the international community are being destroyed. It is a free vote, democracy, free choice. It is being lost and we receive alarming statements almost daily from the international community”, - said Zaza Okuashvili.

According to him, he will always stand with the young people fighting for the freedom.

“I always stand with the opposition rallies because their demands are fair and meet international civilized demands. This is a freedom and free choice” - Zaza Okuashvili said during a live broadcast from London.

PASHA Bank offers clients 3-month grace period

20 March, 2020 , 16:15

Given the circumstances caused by Coronavirus, PASHA Bank will offer clients a 3-month grace period on loan payments. The 3-month grace period will concern PASHA Bank’s loans for small, medium and large enterprises

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia calls on Georgian citizens to refrain from traveling to Italy

2 March, 2020 , 13:01

To prevent the introduction and spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Georgia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia calls on Georgian citizens to refrain from visiting and traveling to Italy, especially in its northe

19 patients stay at isolated blocks of Tbilisi Hospital of Infectious Diseases

2 March, 2020 , 12:50

At present 19 patients stay in isolated blocks of Tbilisi Hospital of Infectious Diseases and their health condition is satisfactory, – Marina Endeladze, doctor of Hospital told reporters. She said that t

PASHA Bank sponsored Entrepreneur magazine’s event

31 January, 2020 , 17:01

PASHA Bank sponsored Entrepreneur Magazine’s event on January 30th, at the Wyndham Grand Tbilisi Hotel. Theme of the panel discussion was “Business Trends in 2020”. On the event, industry leaders talked

PASHA Bank’s traditional environmental activity on New Year 2020

25 December, 2019 , 15:00

PASHA Bank continues its New Year tradition and this year, on several locations, at the entrance of the city of Rustavi and in the Rustavi Park, bank has planted 2020 Eldarica Pine and Olive trees. “It has been fou

Re|Bank New Year Offer

6 December, 2019 , 15:00

In the scope of its New Year campaign Re|Bank has doubled the installment periods at selected merchants for all the Top|Card holders. Those who have not applied for the Top|Card yet, can get 50 GEL gift vouchers(?) in ca

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