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4 May, 2021 19:19

Young rapper based in London - Who is Geo Oku?

Young hip hop musician Giorgi Okuashvili, with Geo Oku's nickname, is working on a new solo project after several-year collaboration with other rappers.

He says that some songs have already been composed, and he will shortly start working in the studio.

Giorgi moved to London when he was 14. He got acquainted with his peers and made friends with them.

Afterward, he recorded the first song with them. Even though he chose to become an interior designer, he still did not forget the music. Giorgi talked about the first steps of his creative life with

"Hip hop and rap are the music I am interested in since childhood, as I listened to 50 Cent and Eminem. If I Can't, and Not afraid are the hits that influenced me, mainly as the rappers talked about life through a melody, I was a part of that life. The music rhythm, hot spirit, and truth of what was said attracted me.

Now I am 20 years old. I left for London when I was 14. I graduated from school and college there. Afterward, I was enrolled at Regent's University to become an interior designer.

I played basketball when I studied at school. The guys with whom I conducted my first music project played basketball with me. We were practicing and rapping at the same time. There were me (Geo), Henry (Sage), Max (17milly), Krishna (KUSH), and JJ (Cokeboy). Henry and I recorded the first song - Trouble Makers. We wrote both the text and music. I usually wrote my version, and he did his one. Then others also joined me," Giorgi told

In 2019 Giorgi departed for Amsterdam to film the first video by his scenario. In an earnest interview, the rapper remembers his experience of consuming legal drugs and advises his peers to follow the way that is not dangerous for anyone.

"I decided to leave for Amsterdam in 2019 and shot a video clip there based on my screenplay and text. As 42% of people listen to pop in Amsterdam and are fond of this music, as the city is full of freedom and inspiration for pop lovers, I thought we were to visit this city and see it closely.

When we arrived in Amsterdam, we tried Gelato 41 legally to become more creative. We took Take A Trip, a music piece recorded in my London studio, and we shot a video clip there. The song is devoted to our travel from London to Amsterdam and feeling of liberty.

We filmed a video, which was very pleasant for us, but that Weed was not excellent and suitable for me. That's why I advise my peers that although entertainment and creating music makes us feel good, it's still possible to find ways to entertain and develop in a way not to get hurt yourself and your closest people," Giorgi says on his personal experience.

Geo Oku also visited New York, the Premier Recording studio, where famous rappers record music. He recorded his song – Lifestyle there. Giorgi also cooperated with various music studios in Switzerland and the UK."Four months before I arrived in Amsterdam, I visited one of the New York well-known studios Premier Recording, where I recorded my music – Lifestyle. Many famous rappers have recorded compositions in this studio. I thought that one fine day, as a well-known singer, I would record a song here.

Earlier, in 2018, in Switzerland, Geneva, I recorded music with Tobby at his studio. We rapped the composition Payday together, i.e., Geo and Tobby sang together.

A bit earlier, in 2017, I recorded NOTT-Money, Not On The Table with my basketballer rappers in London, at the Soho Sonics studio," the rapper says.

Notably, Giorgi is a member of a well-known family. Last year, involvement his mother's election campaign inspired him to launch a new project.

"Last summer I participated in the election campaign of my mother, Nato Chkheidze, when I composed a piece of music on elections. Afterward, I decided to do a solo (single) project, and I've already written several songs that will be recorded and available shortly on all relevant music platforms," Giorgi says.

Re|Bank to sponsor Tbilisi Mural Fest

17 September, 2019 , 17:31

On September 17-25 Tbilisi will be hosting its first international street art festival Tbilisi Mural Fest. The initiative is supported by Tbilisi and Berlin city halls. This year the festival is mainly focused on Berlin

iPhone XR - coming soon in our shops

19 October, 2018 , 16:48

Geocel together with Silknet will offer iPhone XR bringing the latest iPhone innovations to more people, starting Noveber 2. Customers will be able to pre-order beginning October 26 at Geocell web page &nb

Yacht manufacturing company Azimut Benetti is in Georgia

2 August, 2018 , 13:25

Italian yacht-manufacturing company Azimut Benetti enters Georgia after six years of negotiations. Bentley Motors was the first company which opened gates to luxury brands to the Georgian market and its exclusive represe

Maserati’s First Show Room opens in Georgia

7 July, 2018 , 12:20

Omega Group has officially opened the first show room of the world’s leading automaker, Maserati, in Georgia Tbilisi. The founder of Omega Group, Zaza Okuashvili led the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Maserati &nda

Omega Motor City Grand Opening - Rustavi 2

19 June, 2018 , 15:10

Omega Motor City Grand Opening

Rehabilitation of dome of Oshki monastery starts

21 May, 2018 , 13:38

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