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28 April, 2023 15:26

The 10th branch of the “Israeli House NET” in Sri Lanka

"Israeli House", the pilot project of which was first implemented in Georgia, is already represented in several countries of the world. For 10 years, it has been working on strengthening Israeli Hasbara, Public Diplomacy, and bilateral ties with other countries, and this time, the development in the world continues from Jerusalem.

Recently, the negotiations ended in Sri Lanka and it was decided that the "Israeli House" will open a representative office in the country, which will be headed by Lemuel Melamed.

Lemuel Melamed, who is known for his vast political experience, has worked with leading Israeli politicians on international projects, is an expert in bilateral relations and strengthening Israel's global partnership. Now he is developing joint projects between Israel and Sri Lanka.

After the opening of the representative office in Albania, the Minister of Public Administration of Montenegro Marash Dukaj recently visited the "Israeli House" in Tbilisi. At the meeting with Itsik Moshe, the parties agreed to open an office of "Israeli House" in Montenegro.

Work is afoot in Australia and Germany, and representative offices in Spain, France, Morocco and Austria will be opened in the near future.

On April 15, the forum, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of independence of Israel, in Tbilisi by the "Israeli House" was attended by members of the Knesset, Dmitri Milititski, public figure in Jewish community in Austria, who will curate the representation of the "Israeli House" in Austria and Ukraine, Yoram Ehrlich a member of the executive committee of the Israeli leadership in the GIL in Germany, Jacques Barguil in Spain, Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, Australia’s leading civil rights organization fighting antisemitism and all forms of hatred, in Australia.

In the international arena, "Israeli House" actively cooperates with Eitan Dror, who is the chairman of the GIL organization together with Joel Herzog (brother of the current president of Israel) and Idan Yagoda.

According to Itsik Moshe, in October this year, in relation to the 75th anniversary of Israel, representatives from about 30 countries will come to Israel as a sign of solidarity, including public figures friendly to Israel. The event will also be attended by singers from Israel and around the world who will sing in Hebrew as a solidarity. Also the representatives of AEPJ (The European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage), EAI (European Alliance for Israel) and leading members of the Israeli government will be invited.

Sri Lanka as become an interesting destination for “Israeli House” and we contacted Jonathan Frank, about active relations between Israel and Sri Lanka.

Jonathan Frank works with the new Israeli House office in Sri Lanka and says:

“On the surface, Sri Lanka and Israel may seem like vastly different countries with little in common. Many young Israelis choose to visit Sri Lanka's beautiful beaches after completing their mandatory military service. Additionally, hundreds of Sri Lankan migrant workers currently work in Israel. While these connections may seem minimal, they represent a mutual exchange of culture and experiences between the two countries. Despite the geographical and cultural distance between them, there may be more similarities than initially perceived.

Both Israel and Sri Lanka are celebrating their 75th years of independence this year. Though they are “new” nations in the context of modern politics, the history of Sri Lanka and Israel both stretch far into antiquity. Both countries have recorded history of over 2,500 years and seen empires rise and fall; their scribes carefully recorded these incidents, bearing testament to the endurance of both Lankans and Israelites in the test of time. Their flags are emblazoned with the symbol of the lion; for Sri Lanka, the house of Sinhabahu and for Israel, the Tribe of Judah. And as the holy city of Jerusalem rests on Mount Zion, where Temple of Solomon once stood, Sri Lanka too has a holy city on a mountain where the relic of the Buddha is enshrined in its own “Holiest of Holies”.

Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka in Georgia Ms. Nino Makhviladze says:

“It is with great pleasure that I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Sri Lankan people on their remarkable achievement in opening the Israeli House in Sri Lanka. Israeli House in Georgia created a new history between the centuries-old friendly countries!

As an Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka in Georgia, I am actively engaged in promoting and expanding the relationship between these two countries. Our consulate is committed to fostering and strengthening the relationship with both nations, actively seeking to enhance bilateral ties.

Sri Lanka is a nation with immense potential, possessing a rich history, diverse culture, and abundant opportunities for growth and development. I am confident that this exemplary initiative will inspire and facilitate the effective establishment of a robust friendship between Sri Lanka and Israel”.

The activities of "Israeli House" have great support from Knesset members who actively participate in its events. According to Itsik Moshe, the founder and head of the Israeli House, the activity of the Israeli House showed that the representation of the real Israel helped strengthen bilateral ties with the countries where the organization works.

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Israeli jets struck 750 military targets in northern Gaza overnight, IDF says

13 October, 2023 , 10:43

The Israel Defense Forces hit 750 military targets in northern Gaza overnight, according to an IDF statement on Friday morning. Dozens of fighter jets struck “underground Hamas terror tunnels, military compounds an

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