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8 June, 2022 23:41

The court will resume hearing on the case of the young composer, in which the father requests that the children be taken away from their grandmother for 9 months - `Young Barristers`

The Administrative Cases Panel of the Tbilisi City Court will resume the legal processes in the case of the young composer on June 9, 2022.

The issue in question is the separation of minor children and the granting of a protective order for that reason. The children's father is seeking that they go from the grandmother's residence to the family of acting prosecutor Zaza Kvirkvelia for a period of nine months. The children's father's son-in-law is Zaza Kvirkvelia. However, the father compels the children to refrain from communicating with the foster grandmother and, in the case of one of the minors, from communicating with the music teacher for one month.

According to the case materials, the current prosecutor, Zaza Kvirkvelia, agrees to accept the children. At a court hearing on January 20, 2022, the kids categorically refused to move and denied out any type of psychological assault by their grandmother. The father demands the separation of the children based on psychological violence, and such opinions gave rise by Mariam Tskhvediani, Social Worker, Support Officer of the City Center, Court - Civil Disputes and Enforcement Division, and Nino Iobashvili, Senior Social Worker of the same department, presenting false reports (the named social workers are still working in the system and their biographies are hidden by the agency).

On January 24, 2022, the public heard a combined statement from the children's grandmother's family and "young barristers" exposing the two social workers under the cover of a prosecutor after years of quiet over corruption issues. The care agency received a report of the offender on this exact day, a few hours after the public statement, the grandmother was punished and fined 500 GEL.

According to "Young Barristers," the young composer was in Germany with his music teacher grandmother on November 30, 2021. The father has the right to visit the children on Fridays and Sundays under a court order. Thus, neither the legal basis for the report of the violation nor the factual facts existed in nature, that is why the organization reckons that the care agency punished the 71-year-old woman. Following the discoveries and scandal, the care agency stopped the procedures under the crime report.

The court determined on January 18, 2022, based on the case files and banned Nino Iobashvili and Mariam Tskhvediani from the courtroom during an interview with the youngsters. The family and the organization demand an investigation into the criminal activities of the two named social workers, as well as an examination of Prosecutor Zaza Kvirkvelia's protection.

Maiam Tskhvediani and Nino Iobashvili purposefully misrepresented the circumstances contained in the paperwork in order to give a legal foundation for demanding the separation of the children from their grandmother. According to the case file, the two social workers are in negotiations with the children's father.

The Administrative Cases Panel of the Tbilisi City Court, presided by Judge Irina Gogoladze, is hearing the case. Archil Kaikatsishvili, the head of the "Young Barristers," represents the interests of the children's grandmother. The hearings were severely delayed due to overcrowding, leading the father to accuse the court and the judge herself in corruption. Archil Kaikatsishvili has previously requested that the Georgian General Prosecutor's Office investigate the matter.

The meeting will start at 12:00 p.m.

By the order of Giorgi Kupreishvili, the court decision was falsified, and the supreme court has revealed the fact and stopped the execution

11 February, 2022 , 16:26

The organization "Young Barristers" continues to provide new facts and circumstances to the public assistance agency of victims of state care and trafficking. The organization publicly makes an unbelievable case in what

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