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26 October, 2022 21:12

The patient exposes the `Total Charm` clinic and starts a dispute against Dr. Konstantine Sulamanidze - `Young Barristers`

The Georgian representative of the global network of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and dermato-cosmetology clinics, "Total Charm," and the clinic's doctor Konstantine Sulamanidze, have been the subject of legal action by the civil affairs panel of the Tbilisi City Court. The "Young Barristers" group, which will represent the injured citizen's interests in common courts, has released a statement on the above.

According to the case papers, "Young Barristers" concludes that the clinic and Dr. Konstantine Sulamanidze are jointly and legally responsible for providing poor medical care. In an atmosphere where there is great public trust in the clinic and the citizen's doctor. She had the right to assume that the professional and service standards that had been established would be maintained. The documents state that neither the clinic followed the terms of the contract nor the doctor performed the necessary medical intervention. As a result, it was not possible to provide high-quality surgical services - the desired result for the patient was not achieved. In particular, the surgical intervention performed on May 18, 2021 led to an additional surgery on September 5, 2022, since the citizen was faced with breast asymmetry and rough scars on the breast. The second operation was planned to eliminate the gross violations made during the first operation, which, according to the current results, is still not achievable. The fact of the existence of damage has been recognized by Dr. Konstantine Sulamanidze.

The doctor falsely claimed that the patient had no difficulties between the first and second operations. The woman's medical records from September 5, 2022 confirm that the reason for her second surgery is that the previous one failed and left her with asymmetrical breasts and hard scars. The doctor said in one of the television shows that the lady's skin tightness was typical of the first rehabilitation phase, even though the medical records show that the lady did not go through the first rehabilitation period. For the reasons mentioned, she already required a second surgery. As a result, the doctor's definition is revealed to be wholly false.

"Young Barristers", as a result of the study of the case materials, indicates that Dr. Konstantine Sulamanidze is trying to avoid his professional responsibility in different formats and to present different explanations, while the fact - that the lady got the desired result as a result of plastic surgery, is unattainable. Moreover, Tamar needs further treatment, which is confirmed by the alternative medical reports presented in the case. Also, preliminary assessment of existing Georgian and foreign specialists. Thus, both the damage and the illegal action are visible to the lady.

The medical inpatient data from 2021 and 2022 makes it very evident that the woman was deemed perfectly well in the medical facility, making the causal relationship between the two events extremely clear. Even with a written informed permission, she did not experience even one contraindication following the procedures that might have been motivated and brought on by any ailment. All the information indicates that the party's outcome today was the consequence of incorrect manipulation on the side of the clinic and Dr. Konstantibe Sulamanidze.

Additionally, after the liposuction and abdominoplasty corrective procedures, the patient now has a fold on the left side of her abdomen, which she did not have before to the final surgical procedure. Additionally, the body's wound rate increased as a result of the second procedure. She wasn't given any prior information about this; in particular, the doctor did this procedure on the woman without first getting her permission, which raised the incidence of injuries on her body and subsequently the size of the scar.

"The organization discusses only the facts and its goal is to conduct legal proceedings within the framework of civil advocacy. Of course, the court will make the final decision, and we will keep the public informed throughout the process. Since the mentioned case became public before filing a lawsuit in court and a public discussion took place in various formats, more than one citizen contacted the organization and provided detailed information about similar cases.

While we believe that both the clinic and Mr. Konstantine Sulamandize have grateful patients, we would like to emphasize that while we respect the activity of the clinic and each doctor who works there, each claim that is made in a document requires legal review and should not continue in the format of open discussions.

The court's rulings in each case will have a clear, unambiguous, and fundamental meaning in terms of establishing the truth. They should, first and foremost, serve the interests of the clinic, Mr. Konstantine Sulamanidze personally, as well as the victim or patient with a claim.

Therefore, we are ready to meet with all victims, hear the case of all victims, evaluate the facts and discuss the needs of preparing the claim. Naturally, applying to the court is the most civil way to clarify relations, and this step does not need special excitement.

As for our case, I am sure that the clinic will not be able to provide convincing evidence of the doctor's wrongdoing. Obviously, this issue cannot be resolved by oral arguments, and we have evidence and the face of the victimized lady. We think that a precedent should be set in the case, which does not imply a reduction of trust in the clinic or the doctor in the future, first of all, the lawsuit involves establishing the truth in the matter of what happened in the case under consideration" - said the head of the organization, Archil Kaikatsishvili, who defends the interests of the complainant in the court.

"It is essential for the plaintiff to be held legally responsible for the wrongful act committed by the defendants." The purpose of the lawsuit is, on the one hand, legal restitution, on the other hand, elimination of the syndrome of impunity and necessary prevention in order to prevent avoidable consequences for other patients in the future. The defendants were particularly diligent in fulfilling their professional duties and maintaining a high degree of integrity. There is therefore a high degree of civil and judicial responsibility even with the creation of a uniform judicial practice, as stated by the organization's lawyer and the woman's representative, Lizi Zukhbaia. "The court's decision on the case also has a fundamental importance for the public and for the woman's personal choice," she added. She explained that Tamar spoke with the clinic and the doctor to clarify the situation, but after hearing the issue, instead of providing a persuasive response, they began criticizing the patient, which further clarified the need for inquiring and resolving the plaintiff's condition in court.

For information: the injured lady is an active, well-known and business person in the field of establishment and development of eco-salon culture in Georgia. The plaintiff's condition is unbearable, which has been ongoing since May 18, 2021 - until today, and according to the explanation of not only Georgian, but also foreign specialists, he still needs a course of treatment, goes beyond the framework of discomfort and causes him psychological suffering. Accordingly, the lawsuit was submitted to the court on October 11, 2022. The case is being considered by the judge of the Tbilisi City Court, Ucha Todua.

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