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22 February, 2016 16:00

Dimitri Kumsishvili visited Omega Group office today

Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Vice PM Dimitri Kumsishvili visited Omega Group office today. The Minister viewed the company’s tobacco factory, the printing house and observed the working process. The founder of the Omega Group, Zaza Okuashvili hosted the senior official at the office personally.

The Vice PM told journalists after the tour around the company that Omega Group was a very huge corporation, which has paid over GEL 1,5 billion to the state budget during past few years with over two thousand employees.

“We often visit new enterprises, but I believe that the traditional enterprises, which are operating our country, also need to be encouraged. Today we have seen a high technology enterprise, which produces different kinds of products and the decisions, which were taken by its management are also very important for expanding and developing the industry. The decision taken in this office on primary processing of tobacco material is also crucial, as it will enable Georgian farmers to develop tobacco refining in our country and to create a raw material for making tobacco product in Georgia.Unfortunately, people still smoke cigarette and it would have been better if they did not smoke at all, but the fact that we have tobacco industry in the country today and that Georgian people have jobs and take salaries, should be welcomed.I want to wish success to Omega Group. This is the group, which imports international brand vehicles – BMA and others”, - Minister Kumsishvili said.

The founder of Omega Group, Zaza Okuashvili thanked the Vice Prime Minister for today’s visit and emphasized the need for intensive cooperation between the government and the businesses.

“We are grateful for his visit. We’d like to thank him for finding time to visit our enterprise. Close cooperation between the government and industries should be praised as it works for the country’s progress, development and better future. This cooperation gives more stimulus, motivation, support and opportunity to make more investments, to create new jobs, develop and follow the modern digital technologies we have.As the minister said today, encouragement and support is significant not only for new industries, but also the ones that has been operating traditionally in the country. We were founded in 1999-2000. The enterprises, which are already operating, need to be developed, like, for instance, the equipment got older and they need to be replaced, investments are needed and etc.”, - ZazaOkuashvili said and introduced to the attending reporters the novelties in his factory; one of the novelties was that the company would soon start the production of local tobacco.

“I will tell you in addition that we are planning a primary production of tobacco, which will enable local farmers to have jobs. We have already made a project and we will soon introduce to it”, - Zaza Okuashvili said.

Changes in Composition of Supervisory Board of PASHA Bank

7 February, 2019 , 16:07

PASHA Bank is pleased to announce the appointment of George Glonti and Ebru Ogan Knottnerus as Independent Members of the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board of PASHA Bank consists of five Directors and its current

`Omega` paid 6 million to the state budget in November-December 2018

10 January, 2019 , 15:34

"Omega" paid 6 million to the state budget in November-December 2018 - January 1, 2019 inclusive, - stated the management of Omega Group. Besides, the senior manager of Omega Levan Aghdgomelashvili told "Newpost" that st

Omega Group resumed its work - Company received excise stamps

4 January, 2019 , 10:32

"Omega Group" spreads the statement on its Facebook page, according to which, the cigarette factory received excise stamps and resumed its work. "medianews" offers you the statement of “Omega Group”: "The com

The Prize Received by “Silkenet” for Founding the “Wounded Warrior Support Foundation” is Very Important for More Support and Popularization of This Initiative

27 December, 2018 , 16:54

The Georgian publishing of the World’s leading business edition Forbes Georgia named „Silknet” the winner of the year in CSR nomination.   At the year-end summarizing gala reception held by Forbes,

Construction of Golf Pitch in final stage

11 December, 2018 , 15:48

Construction of a Golf Pitch at Tabori Slope in Tbilisi is in the final stage. Works, launched at the initiative of Tourism Development Fund for the arrangement of a recreational zone, continue. According to Co-Investmen

PASHA Bank – Platinum Sponsor of ICC Banking Commission Technical Meeting

19 October, 2018 , 10:59

On October 15th -17th, 2018 in Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel ICC hosted the Banking Commission Technical Meeting. The event had several sponsors and supporters with PASHA Bank being the platinum sponsor of it.   The pro

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