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8 September, 2018 14:28

“Iberia is endangered” – TV Company releases special statement

Iberia TV Company has released a special statement, in which the company complains about being cut off the main funding source and asserts that Omega Group, the part of which is the television itself, is paralyzed.

“TV Company Iberia has to make an urgent statement for the second time this year. The functioning of the TV Company is seriously endangered. The government has cut off the main funding source. The Company Omega Group, which includes TV Company Iberia, is paralyzed. The government intentionally suspended the work of the factory. We, journalists, have the information that it is happening deliberately, so that the critical voice is not heard on our broadcasting. As it seems the objective of the government is to shut down TV Company Iberia, so that we are not able to continue carrying out our professional activities.

We have the information that the pressure is exerted on Omega Group in order to take possession of the company. We, journalists, strongly demand to immediately stop attacking an independent media outlet and to let Omega Group carry on its functioning.

We address international organizations, Diplomatic Corps, Public Defender, NGOs, our colleagues to support us so that Iberia TV does not cease broadcasting,” – says the statement released by the TV Company.

Famous Georgian actress Guranda Gabunia died

5 February, 2019 , 10:49

Guranda Gabunia, famous Georgian actress of theater and cinema died. Family members confirmed the information to First Channel. Guranda Gabunia died at the age of 80 after  long illness.

Silknet to swap to new service system for its mobile services

25 January, 2019 , 17:19

On January 26, 2019, massive system change is planned on Silknet mobile network. The company executes a billing system swap. This change will enable the company to provide the customers with best in class service, which

First stage of reorganization at President`s Administration to be started from January 15

11 January, 2019 , 10:20

President’s Administration will begin the first stage of reorganization starting from January 15. Based on the draft budget, the vacancies are available for only 60 employees. A total of 102 employees are working a

`We deny the accusations and distorted facts, invented by authors or orchestrated black PR,` - TBC releases a statement

10 January, 2019 , 10:14

A management of TBC Bank releases a statement regarding the ongoing investigation. The Bank has answers to questions raised in the media.In response to the information disseminated on portal that the case agains

State healthcare programs discussed at the government session

28 December, 2018 , 13:52

The social rehabilitation and child care budget, which amounts to GEL 28 million, increases by 8 million GEL, –  Davit Sergeenko, Minister of IDPs, Labor, Health and Social Affairs stated after the government

PASHA Bank’s traditional eco-friendly activity on New Year to congratulate its partners

17 December, 2018 , 11:33

For the third year in a row PASHA Bank congratulates its partners and employees on New Year with a CSR “green” activity. This time the Bank has planted 2019 Georgian Oak (Quercus Iberica) and Imeretian Oak (Q

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