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8 September, 2018 14:28

“Iberia is endangered” – TV Company releases special statement

Iberia TV Company has released a special statement, in which the company complains about being cut off the main funding source and asserts that Omega Group, the part of which is the television itself, is paralyzed.

“TV Company Iberia has to make an urgent statement for the second time this year. The functioning of the TV Company is seriously endangered. The government has cut off the main funding source. The Company Omega Group, which includes TV Company Iberia, is paralyzed. The government intentionally suspended the work of the factory. We, journalists, have the information that it is happening deliberately, so that the critical voice is not heard on our broadcasting. As it seems the objective of the government is to shut down TV Company Iberia, so that we are not able to continue carrying out our professional activities.

We have the information that the pressure is exerted on Omega Group in order to take possession of the company. We, journalists, strongly demand to immediately stop attacking an independent media outlet and to let Omega Group carry on its functioning.

We address international organizations, Diplomatic Corps, Public Defender, NGOs, our colleagues to support us so that Iberia TV does not cease broadcasting,” – says the statement released by the TV Company.

Omega - splitting cigarette market – evidence proving racket by the government

20 September, 2018 , 15:02

This is the document that proves the fact of business racketeering by the government. Courier news program has obtained the statute, according to which the scheme of distribution of shares on cigarette market should be c

We call on the government again to let Omega Group operate – Omega Group releases a statement

15 September, 2018 , 16:17

Omega Group has released a statement regarding the recent developments around the company. “You know that the financial problems for Omega Group have been caused intentionally by the government. This is the result

Geocell is well on its way to continue massive network modernization works

14 September, 2018 , 16:22

Company offers enhanced 4G network and other advanced technological solutions to make a different customer experience all over the country Silknet and Geocell, having been united as one company, firstly aim at offering t

I want to demonstrate my support to Iberia TV Company – Nino Lomjaria

14 September, 2018 , 16:12

„Independent operation of any TV Company is extremely important, especially in pre-election period,” – Public Defender Nino Lomjaria announced after her meeting with the representatives of Iberia TV and

Iberia TV Journalists Release a Special Statement

14 September, 2018 , 16:09

Journalists of Iberia TV Company have released a special statement: “The situation at Iberia TV is extremely grave and the reason of this is the crisis we have been facing during the past few days. We, journalists,

Prosecutor`s Office should start investigation immediately, - Vakho Khumziashvili

12 September, 2018 , 13:34

The journalists of the television Iberia will provide information to the diplomatic corps about the financial problems created for the TV company "Iberia" and the pressure on the founders of the TV company. Employees wil

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