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7 July, 2018 12:20

Maserati’s First Show Room opens in Georgia

Omega Group has officially opened the first show room of the world’s leading automaker, Maserati, in Georgia Tbilisi.

The founder of Omega Group, Zaza Okuashvili led the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Maserati – Georgia presentation ceremony together with honorary guests – Ambassador of Italy to Georgia, HA Antonio Enrico Bartoli and the regional manager of Maserati in the Eastern Europe, Mr. Saverio Campiglia.

On the 10th kilometer of David Aghmashenebeli Avenue, where the Maserati Show Room is located, Omega Group has also opened the service center, which offers its customers full line of Maserati models, maintenance service and collection of accessories of Maserati.

“Maserati is the art, a hand-made art. It comes from Ferrari manufacture, where engines are made for both of the brands. Maserati is the driving experience, quality of life, which belongs to Georgia and the people of Georgia, to each citizen of Georgia. Besides, this is the investment, which remains in Georgia. This means new jobs and professionals we need. This belongs to us, to Georgians, to the citizens of Georgia, which helps us live high quality life,” – Zaza Okuashvili said.

Ambassador of Italy, Enrico Bartoli and the regional manager of Maserati in Eastern Europe, Saverio Campiglia participated in the ceremony.

“Maserati cars are handmade and each of its models is the piece of art. This is very important for Georgia, because presence of Maserati in Georgia is the sign that Georgia can afford this beauty and this quality product. This proves the economic progress of the country in every sphere. Besides, the vision of Omega Group is also very important – they are looking ten years forwards and that’s how they make choice of luxury brands,” – Ambassador of Italy, Antonio Enrico Bartoli announced at the event.

Mr. Saverio Campiglia has also emphasized the significance of the show room opening in Georgia.

“It is a very important day today. From this day on, Omega Group officially represents Maserati in Georgia. The day is also important for Maserati. Italy and Georgia resemble each other in a number of aspects and that’s why we are proud to be here and have such a strong partner, Omega Group. It is important that we are cooperating with this group, we feel satisfied,” - Mr. Saverio Campiglia said at the ceremony.

It is noteworthy that Maserati is the exclusive Italian automaker company, which emerged on the market since 1914; its head office if located in Italy’s city of Modena, where the first manufacture of Maserati was opened and since then, it became the place, where the world’s best automobiles are manufactured. The main features of Maserati vehicles are elegance, delicate, sport style and innovation.

Today, Maserati is represented with five models: Ghibli, Quattroporte, Levante, Gran Turismo, Gran Cabrio.

Maserati is the world’s leading brand in the luxury segment, which makes itself unforgettable due to its exclusive comfort and unique possibilities.


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