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11 January, 2019 10:20

First stage of reorganization at President`s Administration to be started from January 15

President’s Administration will begin the first stage of reorganization starting from January 15.

Based on the draft budget, the vacancies are available for only 60 employees. A total of 102 employees are working at the Administration for the time being.

As Speaker of the President Khatia Moisprarishvili stated, all employees who meet the qualifications provided by the policy developed by the Administration will be offered the job.

Mr. Ivanishvili attacked Omega Group - Fadi Asli

22 March, 2019 , 19:25

Bidzina Ivanishvili became the number one obstacle and liability for the business and investment climate in this country, - says the open letter addressed by the Chairman of the Executive Board of the International Chamb

PASHA Bank celebrated International Day of Forests by environmental-friendly activity

22 March, 2019 , 13:45

On March 21st, PASHA Bank’s employees engaged in their traditional CSR activity. For the third time, the volunteers cleaned up 2 hectares of territory in the Krtsanisi Forest (also known as Ponichala Reserve). PASH

Ombudsman says draft law on selection of Supreme Court judges cannot respond to existing challenges

21 March, 2019 , 11:12

Public Defender Nino Lomjaria says the draft law prepared by the Chairman of the Parliament on the selection of the Supreme Court judges, cannot respond to the existing challenges. According to Nino Lomjaria, criter

The employees of Omega Group address Bidzina Ivanishvili

18 March, 2019 , 11:01

The employees of Omega Group address Bidzina Ivanishvili and make the joint statement. They speak about the pressure exerted by the authorities and its results. “Mr. Bidzina, we, the ordinary working people, unders

The employees of Omega Group addressed Bidzina Ivanishvili with a joint statement

14 March, 2019 , 16:34

The state budget lost 12 million GEL over the last two months due to the suspension of the functioning of Omega Group. More than 1.500 employees became unemployed, - says the statement addressed to Bidzina Ivanishvili by

Open letter of Omega Group Employees to Bidzina Ivanishvili

14 March, 2019 , 14:17

We would like to apply to you on behalf of working people, 1500 employees of “Omega Group”, regarding the situation developed lately. Mr. Ivanishvili, for us, the ordinary working people, is well understandab

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Omega Motors opens BMW and MINI dealership center in Batumi