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22 August, 2013 13:01

Founder of TV ``Iberia`` Is Ready to Discuss the Possibility of Receiving TV9 Journalists and Technical Resources

Regarding the information spread through media lately TV company ''Iberia'' says that the process of returning the license confiscated from ''Iberia'' in 2004 is on and the TV company ''Iberia'' plans the broadcasting renewal.

Founder of ''Iberia TV'' expresses his desire and readiness to return to the broadcasting space another independent company staffed by qualified journalists and for this he is ready to consider the possibility of receiving TV9 journalists and technical resources.
Recall that ''Iberia'' belonged to businessman Zaza Okuashvili. At the moment he lives in London. Zaza Okuashvili often came to Georgia in recent years and was actively involved in public life.

Note that TV9 cancelled broadcasting several days ago. The decision regarding the closure of TV company was made by the prime minister Bidzina Ivanishvili and his family.


Silknet Presents a Refreshed Brand to Public

21 September, 2018 , 10:30

Silknet Becomes Main Brand and Geocell with the Unchanged Name is represented as Its Mobile Direction. Silknet and Geocell are two brands with long history that changed people’s mindset about time and means of comm

Omega - splitting cigarette market – evidence proving racket by the government

20 September, 2018 , 15:02

This is the document that proves the fact of business racketeering by the government. Courier news program has obtained the statute, according to which the scheme of distribution of shares on cigarette market should be c

We call on the government again to let Omega Group operate – Omega Group releases a statement

15 September, 2018 , 16:17

Omega Group has released a statement regarding the recent developments around the company. “You know that the financial problems for Omega Group have been caused intentionally by the government. This is the result

Geocell is well on its way to continue massive network modernization works

14 September, 2018 , 16:22

Company offers enhanced 4G network and other advanced technological solutions to make a different customer experience all over the country Silknet and Geocell, having been united as one company, firstly aim at offering t

I want to demonstrate my support to Iberia TV Company – Nino Lomjaria

14 September, 2018 , 16:12

„Independent operation of any TV Company is extremely important, especially in pre-election period,” – Public Defender Nino Lomjaria announced after her meeting with the representatives of Iberia TV and

Iberia TV Journalists Release a Special Statement

14 September, 2018 , 16:09

Journalists of Iberia TV Company have released a special statement: “The situation at Iberia TV is extremely grave and the reason of this is the crisis we have been facing during the past few days. We, journalists,

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