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23 October, 2018 15:00

Kipiani talks about roles that Ivanishvili, Partskhaladze, Gakharia, Davit Maghradze and Zarala had in the case of Omega Group

Rustavi2 broadcasting company has released the second video recording depicting the meeting, where the former minister of sports, Levan Kipiani tells Zaza Okuashvili and other representatives of Omega Group that all problems of Partskhaladze were solved by Ivannishvili.

Kipiani says that his mediator in communication with Bidzina Ivanishvili was poet Davit Maghradze, and former business ombudsman and current interior minister Giorgi Gakharia was also involved in the conflict.

In the video, Kipiani says that Gakharia refused to interfere in the conflict at one stage of the conflict. As for one more person involved in the conflict, businessman Giorgi Ramishvili, nicknamed Zarala, Kipiani says that Zarala was mediating between Levan Kipiani and Otar Partskhaladze.

The full dialogue is given below:

Zaza Okuashvili: nobody told me then, because they could not each us, because, we asked Levan and Levani stood before us. That is why the forceful things happened. Now they are telling us this directly.

Levan Kipiani: No, to review this, if it were said what and who is involved, the developments would be different.

Zaza Okuashvili: They did not say who was involved, they said that…

Levan Kipiani: You had to say how those people are involved.

Zaza Okuashvili: Now?

Levan Kipiani: then.

Zaza Okuashvili: then.

Levan Kipiani: It turns out that I was protecting others’ business because when you were asked a question, you said nothing. Consequently, this caused the accident.

Zaza Okuashvili: the conflict.

Levan Kipiani: If you had said, I don’t know, nobody … actually I had contact with Gakharia, I did not see other persons there, right? I personally did not.

Zaza Okuashvili: I tried to make the person accepted by them prior in order to avoid entering conflict. Instead, the guy entered into the conflict, which… they did not want conflict or anything. It was my conflict, they showed to me…

Levan Kipiani: Yes, that was it actually.

Zaza Okuashvili: … to that level, where BIdzina had to tell us in person, to define for us, to help us chose direction.

Levan Kipiani: yes but you were talking about one of them, it should be probably better defined… then something would go otherwise there. Otherwise, my activity… now if I talk about what kind of house you have, won’t you tell me to stop talking about others’ house, let him talk about it himself?

Zaza Okuashvili: Gakharia was there too.

Levan Kipiani: Yes.

Zaza Okuashvili: Now Gakharia has, I don’t know, run away completely.

Levan Kipiani: No Gakharia stated in the very beginning that his mission at that moment…

Zaza Okuashvili: was completed?

Levan Kipiani: was over. It was endlessly… it was the final meeting… I had just arrived then. There were conversations and he said that he would not follow us in those conflicts and that he did it once. You should probably wear a flak jacket and put on the helmet if you dare say otherwise.

Zaza Okuashvili: Yes, then the situation was …

Davit Tolordava: we would have to struggle?

Levan Kipiani: Probably yes. Everything happened in a very short period of time, a friend of his with whom I have relations, interfered and this conflict was localized quickly.

Zaza Okuashvili: Dato, right?

Levan Kipiani: Mostly it was Zarala who interfered.

Zaza Okuashvili: Zarala or Maghradze?

Levan Kipiani: no, Maghradze was afterwards, Zarala was before that, he met him earlier, Dato met Bidzina earlier.

Davit Tolordava: Maghradze was there at the funeral.

Zaza Okuashvili: Where?

Davit Tolordava: In Gori.

Zaza Okuashvili: Oh, at Paata’s place?

Davit Tolordava: He arrived for Rezo’s funeral.

Zaza Okuashvili: Maghradze knows Paata.

Davit Tolordava: Probably he does.

Zaza Okuashvili: Maghradze is an authority actually, right?

Davit Tolordava: Yes, he is a good guy.

Zaza Okuashvili: But Zarala did not interfere with Bidzina, Maghradze did.

Levan Kipiani: Bidzina with…

Zaza Okuashvili: with Otar, right?

Levan Kipiani: I could not believe, it is my fault as well.

Zaza Okuashvili: what?

Levan Kipiani: I could not believe that from his side…

Zaza Okuashvili: I could not believe either, I was not trusting my eyes.

Levan Kipiani: I could not get it.

Zaza Okuashvili: I could not believe my eyes, Gakharia was there and I think Gakharia did not believe his eyes or ears either… he was listening to it attentively.

Levan Kipiani: Gakharia asked not to involve him in this.

Zaza Okuashvili: Gakharia was not there, at Bidzina’s place, was he?

Levan Kipiani: Yes, but when we were talking, he evaded it and asked not to interfere him.

Zaza Okuashvili: “evaded” is great, “evaded”

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