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2 March, 2020 13:01

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia calls on Georgian citizens to refrain from traveling to Italy

To prevent the introduction and spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Georgia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia calls on Georgian citizens to refrain from visiting and traveling to Italy, especially in its northern regions at high coronavirus epidemic risk. The Georgian Foreign Ministry has released the regarding the statement.

“We urge citizens to refrain from traveling to Lombardy, Venice, Emilia, Romagna and also the regions where some cases of infection revealed, such as: Lazio, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Campania, Puglia, Calabria, Sicily, Marche, Friuli, Venezia Giulia, Venice, Bolzano, Liguria. We also urge citizens to take into account the fact that certain states and airlines have decided to suspend or limit the frequency of flights to Italy, which significantly impedes the opportunity to travel to Italy and vice versa.

We once again urge the citizens of Georgia , staying in Italy to comply with the instructions and recommendations of the local government, and if necessary, they can contact the Embassy of Georgia in Rome at +333 8879123

The Embassy of Georgia sends recommendations to Georgian citizens in the Republic of Italy who has identified themselves at the Georgian Consulate and also to Georgian Diaspora organizations operating in Italy ”, – the statement reads.

Who is the incumbent official who, on the instructions of Ivanishvili and Partskhaladze, is involved in the case of extortion of 4 million from the businessman Zaza Okuashvili?

18 May, 2020 , 13:03

New scandalous details about the extortion of 4 million by Ivanishvili's entourage from the founder of Omega Group, businessman Zaza Okuashvili. PRESA.GE reported on the business racketeering carried on the instructions

PASHA Bank and Re|Bank will keep all their employees

24 April, 2020 , 17:25

The beginning of 2020 was sadly marked by the outbreak of a global pandemic COVID-19, which is having a very negative impact on the world economy. Consequently, many companies had to take hard decisions regarding their e

PASHA Bank offers clients 3-month grace period

20 March, 2020 , 16:15

Given the circumstances caused by Coronavirus, PASHA Bank will offer clients a 3-month grace period on loan payments. The 3-month grace period will concern PASHA Bank’s loans for small, medium and large enterprises

19 patients stay at isolated blocks of Tbilisi Hospital of Infectious Diseases

2 March, 2020 , 12:50

At present 19 patients stay in isolated blocks of Tbilisi Hospital of Infectious Diseases and their health condition is satisfactory, – Marina Endeladze, doctor of Hospital told reporters. She said that t

PASHA Bank sponsored Entrepreneur magazine’s event

31 January, 2020 , 17:01

PASHA Bank sponsored Entrepreneur Magazine’s event on January 30th, at the Wyndham Grand Tbilisi Hotel. Theme of the panel discussion was “Business Trends in 2020”. On the event, industry leaders talked

PASHA Bank’s traditional environmental activity on New Year 2020

25 December, 2019 , 15:00

PASHA Bank continues its New Year tradition and this year, on several locations, at the entrance of the city of Rustavi and in the Rustavi Park, bank has planted 2020 Eldarica Pine and Olive trees. “It has been fou

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Omega Motors opens BMW and MINI dealership center in Batumi