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3 August, 2020 14:31

Re|Bank celebrates its first birthday with unprecedented installment offers

Re|Bank is celebrating its first birthday in August. The bank will mark the occasion with unprecedented installment plan offers.

Last year, Re|Bank debuted an entirely innovative banking product to its clients - Top|Card, a 0% interest installment shopping card. Top|Card allows customers to make purchases and pay them back with 0% interest as long as they adhere to the terms set by Re|Bank’s partners.

Top|Card can be used even with non-participating partner merchants: customers can also make purchases on an up-to-45-day-period, 0% installment plan, while shopping anywhere – including local and international online shops.

In addition, customers can get cash from any ATM in the amount of a pre-approved limit on their Top|Card with an up-to-45-day grace period. The commission fee on cash withdrawals from an ATM is 3%, with a minimum withdrawal of 6 GEL.

Re|Bank birthday announcement enhances the initial offer:

Both incumbent and new users of the Top|Card will be granted a 6-month, 0% installment period on purchases made during the entirety of August. Approved purchases vary, but include: online and offline hotel reservations, home goods and appliances, apparel, orders from local and international online merchants, salon and cosmetic services, and goods purchased for children and family. The sum of any purchase made in August will be divided into installments, payable over a 6-month period with 0% interest and no additional commission fees.

There are no issuing and service fees for a Top|Card.

Yet another advantage offered with a Top|Card is a pre-approved installment limit of between 250 and 5000 GEL, which can be used on unlimited purchases, thus enabling a customer to skip applying for a new installment for every new purchase.

Anyone who can provide proof of income can apply for a Top|Card online at The completion of remote identification and a 2-minute application process is quite safe and easy. Once the application is approved, a Re|Bank courier will deliver the card to the customer’s respective location in Tbilisi.

Detailed information on Re|Bank’s products can be found on their web-site and through their contact center. | +995 32 222 25 25 | *2525


The government gives the green light to the tax evasion by keeping silence – the tobacco smuggling is at an all-time high

6 August, 2020 , 20:02

The cigarette smuggling is on the rise in this country, the businesses and the budget suffer losses, the weak actions of the relevant structures and the state resources are not enough to prevent it. Such is the situation

Summer Campaign by Re|Bank: Getting a Top|Card has never been easier

1 July, 2020 , 16:44

Last year, Re|Bank offered customers a completely innovative banking product - an installment shopping card, called Top|Card. Top|Card is an interest-free installment card (effective 0%), meaning that if a card-holder fo

Re|Bank Offers its Customers a Renewed Top|Card

22 June, 2020 , 15:37

Last year, Re|Bank offered customers a completely innovative banking product - an installment shopping card, called Top|Card. Top|Card is an interest-free installment card, meaning that if a card-holder follows the terms

Who is the incumbent official who, on the instructions of Ivanishvili and Partskhaladze, is involved in the case of extortion of 4 million from the businessman Zaza Okuashvili?

18 May, 2020 , 13:03

New scandalous details about the extortion of 4 million by Ivanishvili's entourage from the founder of Omega Group, businessman Zaza Okuashvili. PRESA.GE reported on the business racketeering carried on the instructions

PASHA Bank and Re|Bank will keep all their employees

24 April, 2020 , 17:25

The beginning of 2020 was sadly marked by the outbreak of a global pandemic COVID-19, which is having a very negative impact on the world economy. Consequently, many companies had to take hard decisions regarding their e

PASHA Bank offers clients 3-month grace period

20 March, 2020 , 16:15

Given the circumstances caused by Coronavirus, PASHA Bank will offer clients a 3-month grace period on loan payments. The 3-month grace period will concern PASHA Bank’s loans for small, medium and large enterprises

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