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13 June, 2017 11:25

`There is a legitimate suspicion that drugs were planted on these guys ` - Sozar Subari

Sozar Subari`s scandalous statement about the arrest of Birja mafia members. The Minister of Refugees and Accommodation says that "there is a legitimate suspicion that drugs were planted on those guys."

According to Sozar Subari, the clip of rappers and their arrest is connected to each other.

"When on the third or fourth day after the release of the video, these guys are detained with drugs in the pockets, there is a very serious suspicion that there is a link between this clip and their detention, "- said Sozar Subari.

Manana Kobakhidze calls political speculation statements on constitutional majority threat

19 October, 2016 , 22:56

One of the leaders of the Georgian Dream Manana Kobakhidze believes that the country should not live by the Consitution fit for Saakashvili and explains that the new changesshould be aimed at keeping principle of the mut