24 August, 2013 16:25

Zaza Okuashvili`s Announcement Is a Sensible Businessman`s Announcement - Vasil Maglaperidze

Vasil Maglaperidze, one of the initiators of creating Joint stock company for purchasing TV9, thinks that Zaza Okuashvilis's today's announcement is adequate to the situation.

As Vasil Maglaperidze told to "Medianews" today this is a sensible businessman's statement who knows that a businessman must act with respect to society, not with the wild capital.

"I think that this respect will return to him as society's respect to him. Besides, he is well acquainted with the media and if has a desire he can become a member of the joint stock society and from him this will be the expression of civil solidarity"- said Maglaperidze and added that Okuashvili's statement is timely and it will bring light to many things. According to him, Zaza Okuashvili's announcement will make clear if the TV company is going to be sold or not.

"We still don't know what exactly is included in the package which is offered, what is the price and what are conditions or even who is the person responsible for arranging TV company's selling. Society knows nothing about it so far and I think that Okruashvili's statement will bring light to this issue as well."-mentioned Maglaperidze.

Recall that several days ago founders of ”Iberia-TV” released a statement that “Iberia-TV” is planning a broadcasting renewal and the owners of the company express their desire and readiness to consider the possibility of receiving TV9 journalists and technical basis.

Today's statement released by businessman Zaza Okuashvili says: “I had a desire and expressed my readiness to take part in receiving TV9 or its technical resources as I’m very sensitive regarding media business which I had in the form of “Iberia-TV”. On the other hand, there was an interest from the initiative group of publicly held company. I respect their sincere desire to support the existence of an independent and politically free TV channel. I welcome this idea too. There are already thousands of people in the initiative group. I don’t think it to be correct to be their competitor. Moreover, I wish them luck."


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