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Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs to take part in United Nations Security Council`s open debate

21 February, 2017 , 10:07

Today, the Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs will participate in the open debates in the UN Security Council . The main topic of discussion are conflicts and maintenance of international peace and ...

Georgian Court Fined American Tobacco Producer GEL 92 Mln

13 February, 2017 , 18:42

According to exclusive information "Commersant" holds,  the US tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris was fined GEL 92 million by the  Georgian court . The decision was made on Friday, February ...


“First they forced us to lie down facing ground… furthermore, they made us stand at the wall like captives and pointed guns to us!”

20 February, 2017 , 22:40

Hostages of Rose Leaders The Employs of Omega Group recollect 19th of February, 2004 9 AM, 19th of February, 2004…N15 Sarajishvili Street, Vashlijvari district, Tbilisi… The premises are...

Manana Kobakhidze calls political speculation statements on constitutional majority threat

19 October, 2016 , 22:56

One of the leaders of the Georgian Dream Manana Kobakhidze believes that the country should not live by the Consitution fit for Saakashvili and explains that the new changesshould be aimed at keeping ...


The Hellish Chronicles of Iberia TV’s Rose Occupation

10 February, 2017 , 14:15

The criminal case is being discussed by the Tbilisi City Court The Judge of the Tbilisi City Court, Aleksandre Iashvili has been hearing the case of forceful closure of TV Company Iberia and the seizu...

Kutaisi 2021 - development strategy discussion continues

12 November, 2016 , 22:31

The development strategy of Kutaisi continues to be discussed . Kutaisi City Hall and the Media Club presented to the people employed in the sphere of tourism and infrastructure sectors the city`s med...


Explosion victim in Tskhinvali region

21 February, 2017 , 09:57

The blast in Tskhinvali region had a victim. 22-year-old man hit a mine and died on the spot in the village of Avnevi.   The self-proclaimed South Ossetian officials say that the village was demi...

Donald Trump considers issuing new travel ban

13 February, 2017 , 10:34

Donald Trump is considering a new executive order to ban citizens of certain countries from travelling to the US after his initial attempt was overturned in the courts, - BBC reported.   Mr Trump...