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Israeli President Meets Chairman of Georgian parliament

10 January, 2017 , 14:00

A meeting of a Chairman of Parliament and President of Israel is underway in Tbilisi. Georgian MPs are attending the meeting as well. The Israeli President arrived to Georgia yesterday with his wife. ...

Mr. Robert Hurley visits Omega Group’s automobile show rooms and service centers

9 December, 2016 , 15:40

Honorary Director of the British Georgian Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Robert Hurley, together with the Director of the BGCC, Ms. Mako Abashidze, has visited Omega Group’s automobile show rooms and ...


Notification From Geocell

23 December, 2016 , 18:53

Being the provider of the everyday communication services and permanently trying to achieve excellency and superior quality, Geocell systematically conducts some upgrade works in the network. Recently...

Manana Kobakhidze calls political speculation statements on constitutional majority threat

19 October, 2016 , 22:56

One of the leaders of the Georgian Dream Manana Kobakhidze believes that the country should not live by the Consitution fit for Saakashvili and explains that the new changesshould be aimed at keeping ...


Zaza Okuashvili was forced to give up the control stock in Omega Group – Nunu Ginturi

10 January, 2017 , 16:05

The hearing on the case of Iberia TV closure and the seizure of the broadcasting license was resumed at the Tbilisi City Court with the examination of the evidence presented by the prosecution. The co...

Kutaisi 2021 - development strategy discussion continues

12 November, 2016 , 22:31

The development strategy of Kutaisi continues to be discussed . Kutaisi City Hall and the Media Club presented to the people employed in the sphere of tourism and infrastructure sectors the city`s med...


Ketevan Tsikhelashvili claims that Georgia has pro-western foreign policy

22 October, 2016 , 16:40

Ketevan Tsikhelashvili , a State Minister for Reconciliation and Civic Equality has commented on the meeting between Zurab Abashidze ( A special representative of Georgia for Relations with Russia ) a...

Russia arrests 10 people on suspicion of terrorism

12 November, 2016 , 23:22

Russian security officials say they have arrested 10 suspected terrorists during a special operation in Moscow and St. Petersburg on November 12. The detainees were described as Central Asians, and th...