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CEC publishes preliminary results of by/extraordinary elections

30 April, 2023 , 14:54

The Central Election Commission (CEC) on Sunday published the first preliminary results of the April 29 by/extraordinary elections. According to data from the 117 election precincts where electronic v...

PASHA Bank - general partner of Georgia-Azerbaijan Business Forum

6 March, 2020 , 16:50

PASHA Bank was general partner of Georgia-Azerbaijan Business Forum, that was organized by the EU-Georgia Business Council on 5th March, at The Biltmore Tbilisi Hotel. The main purpose of the For...


Anti-Semitism and the law against anti-Semitism

5 March, 2024 , 17:49

According to the German legislation, Nazi's propaganda and sharing the ideology of Fascism is punishable. Even posting and sharing it on social media provides appropriate sanctions. Germany condemns h...

UNM believes opposition to be strong

13 January, 2021 , 17:38

We heard for eight years that the United National Movement must disappear. In general, Ivanishvili does not like the opposition. He wants to have new opponents, but the opposing force can not emerge a...


The court forbade businessman Arsen Kutaladze’s business partners to sell their shares - “Young Barristers”

24 October, 2023 , 16:27

The Civil Cases Panel of Tbilisi City Court satisfied the request of businessman Arsen Kutaladze’s (primary owner of restaurant “Urmuli”) family and forbade the three companies and t...

Re|Bank opens its branch in Gori

13 November, 2019 , 17:04

Re|Bank – a new retail banking brand from PASHA Bank – opened its first branch in Gori. From today on customers will be able to get service at 13, Stalin avenue. Re|Bank services are avail...


Occupation forces illegally arrest two Georgians

30 April, 2023 , 14:58

The Russian occupation forces on Sunday illegally arrested two Georgian citizens near Dvani village in the Kareli Municipality, the State Security Service of Georgia (SSG) has reported. The SSG said i...

Israeli jets struck 750 military targets in northern Gaza overnight, IDF says

13 October, 2023 , 10:43

The Israel Defense Forces hit 750 military targets in northern Gaza overnight, according to an IDF statement on Friday morning. Dozens of fighter jets struck “underground Hamas terror tunnels, m...

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