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7 March, 2022 16:37

The evidence of war crimes in Georgia will also help in the adoption of the Hague Court against Russia`s political and military leaders in Georgia

Russian-Ukraine, as well as the Russian-Georgian 2008 military acts, clear facts of the war crime from Russia, which are sufficient evidence for the Hague International Court of Justice (ICC) to carry out active actions and declare criminal prosecution against military and political leaders of the Russian Federation .. The legal explanation of the organization "Young Barristers", Kale Uridia does.

International legal mechanisms for Georgia and Ukraine are the last hope of searching for justice. International law mechanisms belong to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which discusses the dispute between the States and the International Criminal Court (ICC), which is discussing the liability of high-ranking officials.

In accordance with Russia's intervention in Ukraine, the Hague Criminal Court (ICC) has already begun investigations on the offense of the alleged war crime or humanity, within which the Russian president, other high political and military persons in Russia can be charged with the alleged war crimes committed in Georgia in 2008 Based on investigative materials.

According to Kale Uridia, the International Criminal Court (ICC) is a body that is investigating the most severe crimes around the world, such as genocide, crime against humanity, war crimes and aggression crimes. The Court has been functioning since 2002 and its member is 123 states.

As it is known, within the August 2008 war, the prosecutor's office is investigating two types of crimes in the jurisdiction of the court: the offense and war against human beings. On the same basis, the investigation was also investigated in the case of Ukraine. Russia, with the latest references, is accused of bombing the children's home and kindergarten, as well as the use of vacuum bombs.

Kale Uridia explains that in the case of Georgia, in order to conduct investigative actions and find evidence, which is an important prerequisite for the admissibility of the case, it was enough for 8 years. Accordingly, from January 2016, the Criminal Court initiated an investigation on the basis of the prosecutor's appeal. As for the example of Ukraine, led by Great Britain, 38 countries around the world, including Georgia addressed the International Criminal Court to initiate an investigation.

In the International Criminal Court of Justice (ICC) for six years, which is underway in the Georgian case, where the existence of the crime against war and humanity. The evidence of war crimes in Georgia will also help the court to arrest Russia's political and military leaders. The investigator must consider the evidence of the August 2008 war in question and make decisions of arrest of specific persons. In case of charging, Russia's political and military leaders will be arrested in any state that recognizes the jurisdiction of the court.

The request for the detention order is real, although Russia left the ICC jurisdiction in 2016, when the court called the annexation of the Crimea by Russia. In case of discussion, the approval of "aggression crime" would be more tangible, but Russia does not recognize the jurisdiction of the court, the criminal prosecution in the territory of Russia is impossible. It does not restrict the court. The Court has the right to arrest the persons who committed a crime against humanity or war crimes.

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In the last period, the massive outflow of professional and experienced Georgian soldiers from the country has become systematic. One of them is former military serviceman Mr. Davit Kvezereli. According to Kvezereli, the

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After the arrest of President Mikheil Saakashvili, this time on October 21, police officers, who worked during Saakashvili's period were arrested in western Georgia. The house of Ruslan Shomakhia, former head of the Sokh

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