24 March, 2017 15:07

MP Nato Chkheidze calls on the Minister of Education to study and solve the problems of the Institute of History

The deputy chairperson of the faction Patriots of Georgia, MP Nato Chkheidze has informed the colleagues about the concerns of the staff of the Georgian Institute of History. The member of the parliament announced at the plenary session of the parliament that the exhibits in that institute were held in absolutely improper conditions.

“The building of the Institute of History, located on Melikishvili Street, which had the status of a historic monument, was deprived of this status by the previous government; the building was sold to the developer company M2, which is the daughter company of the Bank of Georgia, which probably had planned to build something much better there. The Institute was moved to the underground floor of the university library and the exhibits, i.e. the unique materials collected by the staff of the institute through many years, are still held in the corridors, packed in cartoon boxes. The other issue is the reduced funds for tours, expeditions and conferences,” – Nato Chkheidze said and expressed her hope that the Minister of Education would handle this problem soon.

“I hope that the Minister of Education, who has been promoted to the position of Vice Prime Minister, probably for some merits, will have enhanced scope and instruments of a state official and look after this problem urgently and soon our unique exhibits will be put in a proper place,” – MP Chkheidze stated.

The member of the parliament touched one more important issue at today’s session. She sad that the scientists of the humanitarian faculty have been demanding return of the Georgian language as a mandatory subject at their faculty, which was also removed from the curriculum during the previous government.

,,You know that to stop teaching Georgian language means to diminish the statehood significance of the Georgian language. I am calling upon the minister education and it will be good if other ministers hear this too, that the protest of the 14th of April, 1978 was nothing but the answer of the Georgian people to the attempt to abuse the statehood importance of the Georgian language.14th April is one of the heroic days of Georgia’s latest history and I strongly hope that the cabinet will not provide conditions for a new heroic day,’’ said MP Nato Chkheidze.


Parliament to discuss resolution against Russian Annexation

21 March, 2017 , 22:12

The Georgian parliament will discuss a resolution against annexation of Georgian territories by Russia. Members of European Georgia faction initiated the discussions.  The document stresses two directions. If approv

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Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs to take part in United Nations Security Council`s open debate

21 February, 2017 , 10:07

Today, the Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs will participate in the open debates in the UN Security Council . The main topic of discussion are conflicts and maintenance of international peace and security in Europe.